· March, 2011

Stories about Jordan from March, 2011

Jordan: One Death and Some Loss of Hope

  27 March 2011

Friday night marked the violent defeat of protests that began on March 24 (#March24) in Amman, Jordan. By the end of Friday, one man had died, Khairi Jameel AlSaad, 55, and more than 100 were injured.

Jordan: #March24 Protest Camp in Amman

  25 March 2011

Hundreds of pro-democracy Jordanians, mostly students and young people, gathered to protest at the Dakhliyeh Circle (Ministry of Interior Circle) in Amman on March 24, 2011. Demands from the protestors included the dissolution of parliament, a new representative election law, the dismantling of the General Intelligence Department, and the removal of Prime Minister Marouf Al Bakhit.

Jordan: Bloggers Celebrate Their Country

  13 March 2011

March 12, 2011 marked the fourth annual Blog for Jordan day. Jordanians, foreigners living in Jordan, and Jordanians living abroad, all pitched in to write about their love for Jordan and their hopes for its future.

Jordan: #HashtagDebates and Reforms

  7 March 2011

The second #HashtagDebates organized by 7iber took place at Makan House in Amman this evening (March 7). 7iber, the Jordanian youth-orientated independent media outlet has been contributing to growing public dialog both online and offline through several programs and activities.

Jordan: I Love Jordan because …

  7 March 2011

Love was in the air in the Jordanian Twittersphere as tweeps took turns to list why they love their country under a new hashtag #ILoveJordan making the rounds lately. Betsy Fisher rounds up some of the reactions.

Arab World: Bloggers Compete for Arabisk Competition

  7 March 2011

Arab bloggers are vying for the Best of the Arabic Blogs Awards, Arabisk, which is now in the judging phase of the competition. The top 20 nominations in four categories are being judged now, and the competition results will be announced at the beginning of April. Haifa Al Rasheed has more on the competition.

Jordan: Creative Signs for Change at Amman Protest

  4 March 2011

Another Friday protest calling for reforms in Jordan took place in downtown Amman today (March 4, 2011). After a week of generally disappointed reactions at the newly appointed prime minister's speech, and negative, provocative statements from ex-ministers and members of parliament, some Jordanian citizens responded creatively in an ongoing call for reform and inclusive change.