· August, 2012

Stories about Jordan from August, 2012

Jordan: A Black Day to Protest Internet Censorship

  29 August 2012

'Over 150 sites in Jordan are going black, including the country's top new sites, to protest laws that restrict internet freedom #blackoutjo.' - On August 29, websites went offline to draw attention to the dangers of the impending legislation.

Jordan: Say No to Internet Censorship

  22 August 2012

Jordan is slipping into a black hole, with new restrictions on Internet freedom approved by the government today [August 22, 2012]. First, the government gave the go ahead to block websites. Now, a new Publications Law, which allows for more control and censorship over the Internet, has has been approved as a draft.

Jordan: “When Monaliza Smiled” a step towards World Cinema

  8 August 2012

The makers of the movie “When Monaliza Smiled” presented their cinema experience to the public in a special screening in the Jordanian capital, Amman, recently. The comedy relates a love story between Monaliza, a young Jordanian woman, and Hamdi, the Egyptian courier. Jordanian bloggers react to the movie.

Jordan: Internet freedom – the beginning of the end?

  1 August 2012

Advocating for personal freedoms and a continued open Internet in Jordan, Ahmad Humeid, designer, brand architect and web entrepreneur, blogged at 360east: “Over the past decade, Jordan has been steadily building a reputation in the region as the Silicon Valley of Arabia. Scores of web and mobile start ups are...