· June, 2008

Stories about Jordan from June, 2008

Jordan: Noting Changes

  24 June 2008

Jordanian ASKAdenia [Ar] is back home for a visit and notes several changes in his country. Among them is the skyrocket prices of fuel and other commodities, as well as the presence of large numbers of Iraqis.

Jordan: A Hushed Up Secret

  24 June 2008

From Jordan, Naseem Tarawnah writes about a letter “written and signed by a group of ex-politicians, including a past prime minister and head of the GID, Ahmad Obeidat, and essentially it strongly criticizes the government for its liberal economic policies, the way it is being managed, and more specifically, the...

Israel: Green Tourism in the Middle East

  19 June 2008

Looking to leave a green footprint when you travel? Look no further than the Green Prophet for information on eco-tourism in the Middle East. “There’s no absence of environmentally friendly vacation options in Israel… But what’s a green tourist in the Middle East to do outside of Israel? Well, he...

Jordan: Queen's Message

  17 June 2008

Jordanian Jad posts a YouTube message featuring Queen Rania of Jordan, who calls upon people to dispel some of the stereotypes people have on Arabs.

Jordan: Attacks which will not happen

  17 June 2008

Jordanian blogger Hareega asks how come the UK is able to warn of terrorist attacks in the UAE — but not when they happen on its own turf. “Do they just warn us from the attacks that will not happen?” he asks.

Jordan: A New Lease of Life for Dwwen

  17 June 2008

Arab bloggers held their breath waiting for an announcement on the fate of popular Arab blog aggregator Dwwen. After a bit of uncertainty, the all clear was given and it is business as usual for the site which brings together Arab bloggers, writing posts in Arabic and English, under one roof.

Jordan: Dead Sea Minerals

  9 June 2008

Amid all the Chinese made merchandise, 7aki Fadi, a Jordanian who lives in Canada, finds Dead Sea minerals and mud masks made in her country.

Jordan: Ray's Kuffayeh

  9 June 2008

Jordanian blogger Mental Mayhem writes here about Rachael Ray's Dunkin Donuts Controversy, and how the Kuffeyeh is an Arabic tradition and that her grandfather and uncle used to put it on while they have nothing to do with the Palestinian Jihad or any similar organizations.