· November, 2005

Stories about Jordan from November, 2005

Jordan: Takfiri Culture

30 November 2005

Nas say, “…there was calculation, there was a lack of hesitation, and this requires a degree of indoctrination that can only be traced back to the Takfiri culture of “if they are Muslims who do not agree with us then they are Kuffar” (infidels).“

Jordan: 60 events in memory of victims

29 November 2005

Wael Attili is calling for action. 60 events in memory of our victims! he says, one man can bring an idea, two can embrace the idea, and three can make it happen. There is nothing impossible is just believe we can do it.

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

26 November 2005

Jordan: A New Government in the Making The newly appointed Prime Minster has been announced, being Marouf Bakhit. Naseem Tarawneh thinks that this might help the path to reform. Khalaf says about the newly appointed PM, “Being self made, one would hope that he would respect merit over pedigree.” At...

Jordan: e-Thesis on e-Journalism

24 November 2005

Rami designed his thesis idea. e-thesis on e-journalism in the Middle East. Help him answer these questions: In the Middle East, who is using the Internet as an alternative (FREE) journalism medium? why? and how?

Jordan: HIV Status in Jordan

22 November 2005

Jameed says that the efforts of the Health Communications division should be applauded; they barely have any financial resources, they don't have many volunteers, and they just recently hired a graphic designer to help with the brochures.

Jordan: New government

22 November 2005

Khalaf is feeling depressed today because he sences that a new government is in the making. What is bothering him is that he feels that these changes don't seem to serve any purpose, except to keep people amused, while the fundamental policies stay the same.

Jordan: How to cope with a disaster?

21 November 2005

Arrabi recommends reading “I Lived In The Garden Of Allah” (By R.V.C. Bodley), which Arrabi says it's very inspiring in how to cope with disaster, especially in light of the recent events that struck Jordan. The story closing, “You and I are not Mohammedans: we don't want to be fatalists....

Jordan: Visit Finland

21 November 2005

Rami, the MA student in Global Journalism at Örebro University, Sweden has an outstanding piece describing his visit to Finland. He says, “It is no wonder that J.R.R. Tolkien found enough inspiration in Finland and Finnish culture to write great epics such as the Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit...

Tunisian blogger dinner

  20 November 2005

On Friday night I had the pleasure of joining the 8th Tunisian Bloggers Meetup, along with fellow WSIS participants Jeff Ooi of Malaysia and Isam Bayazidi of Jordan. After the craziness of the past several days, it was really nice to leave the conference behind, just talk about blogging, and...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

19 November 2005

“Candle Light Vigil in Amman” by Isam Bayazidi Amongst anger, grief, the detaining of the female accomplice, demonstrations all around the world, new claims released by Al-Qaeda, the week after the bombings has been very busy for the Jordanian bloggers. Contemplation Many are contemplating the event and trying to analyze...

Jordan: Terror in the digital domain

16 November 2005

Zeid Nasser calls to unite to denounce the actions of terror groups, also to be vigilante on the Internet, keeping an eye open to subversive and suspicious activities. “It's the least, we the Internet community, can do, Zeid said.”

Jordan: Jordanians Disapprove Al-Qaida

16 November 2005

Natasha says that almost two thirds of Jordanians have changed their views of Al-Qaida for the worse following suicide bombings against Amman hotels. She feels very sad and extremely frustrating that it took an attack in Amman for some Jordanians to change their views about Alqaeda terrorism.

Jordan: Getting Things Straight

15 November 2005

Rami Abdelrahman wonders, after Amman was bombed, that did not only show how vulnerable we are, but also how we need to get many things straight. Why do we stick our noses in our neighbours businesses? why do we have to take millions from the US, and probably as much...

Jordan: A million signatures against terror

14 November 2005

Ahmad Humeid hopes that the call for a campaign to gather one million signatures against terror and its ideologyidea is taken up by the Jordanian media and NGOs.

Jordanian Bloggers React to Amman Bombings

10 November 2005

Child carrying sign that says “No to Terrorism, down with terrorism and Zarqawi” by Lina Ejeilat from the Amman Demonstrations Flickr Set. The Jordanian community is in a state of rage at the bombings that took place in the much beloved capital Amman on Wednesday night. Demonstration in Amman have...

Explosions Rock Jordanian Capital, Amman

  9 November 2005

Three explosions hit Jordanian capital Amman Wednesday night; one in Radisson SAS, the second in Hyatt Amman, and the third in Days Inn. For more on the explosions occuring in Amman: Aggregated news feeds from Jordanian blogosphere community, Jordan Planet; AP ; Flickr; MSM RSS; Technorati posts tagged with “Amman...

Jordan: More Arabic Blogging Services

9 November 2005

Isam Bayazidi is happy to hear about more Arabic Blogging Services. After Fastlink and Al Bawaba blogging services, now comes Jeeran Blogs. Isam also plans to start the Arabic section of Jordan Planet aggregator as soon as there is enough Jordanian Arabic Blogs.

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  5 November 2005

Jordanian Bedouin posing in one of Jordan's vast deserts by Laith Majali With the occasion of Eid, a holiday celebrated bi-annually by over a billion Muslims, the Jordanian Blogosphere wishes everyone a happy and blessed Eid. Don't miss out pictures of Ma'mool, the holiday dessert, and a  special Eid podcast by...

Jordan: Living Standards

4 November 2005

Khalaf believes that government should work to achieve the best achievable standards of living for the most number of people without significantly damaging the social and physical environment of the country.

Eid Around the World

  3 November 2005

Today was the first day of Eid Al Fitr around most of the Muslim countries and communities around the world. According to the Hijri calendar, this day marks the end of Ramadan and breaking the fast, which is what the word Fitr means. However, while that is shared between all...