· July, 2012

Stories about Jordan from July, 2012

Jordan: Thousands of Syrians Seek Refuge

  27 July 2012

The situation in Syria has led hundreds of thousands of Syrians to flee the country to neighbouring Jordan. A Jordanian government source has said that officials are preparing for the possible arrival of up to one million Syrians.

Jordan: Orphans Sit-in Attacked

  22 July 2012

Jordanian blogger Ali Al Hasani blogs about the brutal crackdown on a protest by orphans in Amman, Jordan. “They were protesting their horrible living conditions and how the Jordanian government classifies them in a different social security number then the normal Jordanian citizens,” he writes.

Jordan: Women's Rights Demonstrators Face Barrage of Criticism

  19 July 2012

On June 25, 2012, more than 200 people created a human chain in the streets of Amman to raise awareness for some of the most controversial women's rights issues in Jordan. The reaction by readers of news websites in the following days reflected how unprepared Jordan was for this type of protest.