· January, 2006

Stories about Jordan from January, 2006

Jordan: Jews tourists

19 January 2006

Jordan Turns Israelis Away For Being Too Jewish? The answer is of course they don’t want Jordanians to identify them as Israeli tourists and “religious” Jews come with symbols; the outer wear. And that will make them stick out like sore thumbs where they would ordinarily pass as European tourists,...

Jordan: Human Rights Teaching

19 January 2006

Inaccurate ‘human rights’ teaching in Jordan's national schools textbooks was reported by a Jordanian National Centre for Human Rights, Sabbah said.

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

14 January 2006

Jordan: Exempting US citizens from extradition and trial One of the issues in the Jordanian blogosphere is the Jordanian parliament's decision to ratify a bilateral agreement between Jordan and the US which exempts US citizens from extradition and trial under the auspices of the International Criminal Court. Khalaf of “What's...

Jordan: Shopping cathedrals

13 January 2006

When you hear about a mall that it probably 1.5 kilometers in length, that's divided into zones that are themed as China, Egypt, India, Persia and so on, you might smile, cringe or do both. But after visiting the Ibn Battuta mall today convinced me I was doing neither, Ahmad...

Jordan: Prisoners in jail without trial

9 January 2006

Last week, the Jordanian human rights body reported that a third of all prisoners in Jordan have been jailed without formal charges or facing a trial, Sabbah said.

Jordan: Literature prize

9 January 2006

Nas won the ‘brilliancy prize‘ for his poem “This Thing Called Palestine” from the Andulasia Prize for Literature.

Jordan: Who is dead?

6 January 2006

I wonder how does one go about prioritizing who gets the #1 headliner spot? Is it based on the most amount of people dead? Or most important death? I know if I die today I won’t be seeing my face on the BBC or CNN website. But if I were...

Jordan: Arabic blogging revolution: made in Jordan

6 January 2006

Ahmad Humeid says, as the usage of the internet keeps growing in the Arab world, and as a new generation of users who grew up with the net becomes more vocal, blogging and other forms of self expression will continue to grow in importance. And we Jordanians will be there...

Jordan: BigBrother is watching!

4 January 2006

Firas says that the Jordanian security forces have captured a Jordanian – 24 years old – last Sept while he was in a cyber cafe visiting a website for making fireworks. He was admitted to a State Security Court yesterday for the charge of possessing and manufacturing explosives. Firas is...

Jordan: The end of media as we know it. Now toot!

  3 January 2006

They flipped the switch and the toot went live. How they toot it? They spend the day plowing through a diverse list of blogs representing a sample of the most interesting blogs they find in Arabia. Then, they share with us the most interesting ideas, posts, and conversations of the...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

3 January 2006

“Jordanian Director, Amin Matalqa displays his martial art skills on the top of a building in downtown Amman, Jordan” by Laith Majali A new year is here, so first off, happy holidays from the Jordanian blogosphere. Interested in an opinion on where the Arab blogosphere is heading? Head over to...