· March, 2008

Stories about Jordan from March, 2008

Jordan: Viagra Prescriptions

  28 March 2008

Jordanian Hareega, who is a doctor by profession, writes about the miracles of the magical blue pill -Viagra – and the changes it brought to some men's lives.

Iraq at Five: The World Reacts

  19 March 2008

Today, March 19, marks five years of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Initially a plan to oust Saddam Hussein and "end the war before it started," the war in Iraq continues to this day, much to the dismay of many ordinary citizens around the globe. In that vein, Global Voices Online will post reactions today from bloggers in Iraq, the Middle East and North Africa, and elsewhere.

Jordan: Wife Seeking in the Middle East

  17 March 2008

“One of the most hated rituals in the middle east is the dreaded “Wife seeking”. Not only is it nerve wrecking for the potential groom and his family. But it's also considered humiliating for the ladies who find in the ritual demeaning to the woman,” writes Qwaider, from Jordan.

Jordan: Reaching East

  13 March 2008

Jordanian Reflect Upon shares with us a lesson in this post. Did you know that if you continued going West, you would reach East?

Jordan: Taking Friends for Granted

  12 March 2008

“Do you take your friends for granted?” asks Bakkouz, from Jordan. “It seems that in this digital age, with the means and ways of communication a plenty, and much better and faster than they used to be, The social ties between people are getting weaker, friends seem to take each...

Jordan: Computer Super Powers

  11 March 2008

“What sort of computer super power would you want to have?” asks Jordanian blogger Roba Al Assi, who wishes she could use Ctrl+Z in real life.

Jordan: Misinformed Woman

  10 March 2008

“I came across an article in The Washington Post, written by a woman called Charlotte Allen, titled We Scream, We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get?. The article is basically a misinformed and a mispresented pseudo-scientific misogynist interpretation of popular culture to prove that women are dumb,” writes Tololy from...