· August, 2008

Stories about Jordan from August, 2008

Jordan: Hanging On

  27 August 2008

Jordanian blogger Roba Al Assi pays tribute to a decade old pair of sneakers in this post.

Jordan: Ramadhan, Prayers and Clean Blogging

  27 August 2008

With very little to go before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan, which is signalled by the sighting of the new moon with the naked eye, Jordan's blogs are already abuzz with greetings, religious observations and personal promises.

Jordan: Middle East Laptop Sales Double

  26 August 2008

Laptop sales have doubled in the Middle East, says Jordanian blog Jazarah. “Personally I guess the growth in internet penetration is one of the main reasons behind the growth in laptop sales, the number of internet users in the Arab world is in a continues growth, for instance, social networking...

Jordan: Al Aqsa Mosque Picture

  22 August 2008

Jordan's Jazarah posts a 39-year-old photograph of “Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestine after an Israeli attack that caused a big fire, leading to major damage in the Mosque.”

Jordan: Uranium Anybody?

  21 August 2008

“I just stumbled upon this on Amazon! Believe it or not, you can actually buy some good old radioactive Uranium Ore from Amazon.com. yes, its true,” writes an excited Bakkooz from Jordan.

Jordan: 100,000 Bloggers on Jeeran

  20 August 2008

Arabic blogging platform Jeeran [Ar] announced that there were 100,000 blogs affiliated to it. The post also claims that 70 per cent of Egyptian bloggers use Jeeran to blog.

North Africa: Bringing Home the Medals

  19 August 2008

In the run up to the 2008 Olympic Games, there was much speculation on how the Middle East and North Africa would fare. Although Turkey is the only Middle Eastern country to medal thus far (in athletics, weightlifting, and Greco-Roman wrestling), North Africa is enjoying great success. So far, Egypt's Hesham Mesbah and Algeria's Soraya Haddad and Amar Benikhlef have all medaled in Judo (bronze, bronze, and silver, respectively), Morocco's Hasna Benhassi took home a bronze in the women's 800m dash, and Tunisian swimmer Oussama Mellouli scored gold in the men's 1500m freestyle.

Arabeyes: Third World War in the Making?

  18 August 2008

Bloggers in the Middle East are closely following the developments in Georgia, with some saying it could usher in World War Three. Here's a quick review of what bloggers in Yemen and Jordan are writing.

Jordan: Boys, Girls and Facebook

  14 August 2008

Jordanian Sha3teely [ar] is annoyed of boys who tarnish the reputation of women on social networking sites like Facebook, once their relationship goes sour.

Jordan: Arabic Harry Potter Banned in Israel

  12 August 2008

The Arabic version of the Harry Potter series is banned in Israel, reports The Black Iris, from Jordan. According to news sources, the ban is based on a decree from 1939 – when the area was under British mandate – prohibiting the importation of books from countries that are at...

Jordan: Personal Space

  12 August 2008

“Although not a squeamish person by nature, I really do not understand why the concept of personal space is often unfamiliar to a lot of people,” wonders Roba Al Assi from Jordan.