· December, 2008

Stories about Jordan from December, 2008

The Global Twittersphere Discusses Gaza

  28 December 2008

Twitter is the new blogging, or so the story goes. Never has that been more apparent than in times of crisis: During the Mumbai attacks, Twitter users provided up-to-the-minute coverage, and today, as Israeli airstrikes continue to hit Gaza, the Twittersphere is deep in discussion.

Arab World Reacts to “Gaza Massacre”

  27 December 2008

People from across the Arab world are lamenting the fate of Gazans, after a wave of Israeli aerial attacks, which have killed more than 200 Palestinians and wounded more than 700. The silence of Arab governments in particular is hitting a raw nerve.

World Runner Comes to Jordan

  27 December 2008

Danish Runner Jesper Olsen is running around the world crossing four continents to promote running as something all cultures have in common.The Danish Ambassador to Jordan HE.Thomas Lund-Sørensen writes about this: As I am writing these lines the Ultra Runner Jesper Olsen from World Run II is crossing the Ramtha...

Egypt: Gamal Eid detained and deported from Jordan

  20 December 2008

The Jordanian intelligence prevents Gamal Eid, the General Manager of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), from entering Jordan because of his criticism of freedom of expression in Jordan two years ago,The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, The Skeptic reports the details.

Jordanian Bloggers React To Bush's Shoegate

  18 December 2008

While a week has yet to pass since US President Bush faced a shoe flying in his direction from an Iraqi journalist during a press conference, the Jordanian blogosphere is already aflutter with varying reactions. Here’s a look at how Jordanian bloggers have been reacting thus far.

Jordan: Not So Stupid

  12 December 2008

Have you created something only to be dissed by your boss as it being “stupid”? Qwaider, from Jordan, has more details here.

Jordan: Lost and Found

  12 December 2008

Lost something – or rather someone hid something from you – and you can't find it? K Sharif from Jordan tells us the story here.

Saudi Girls Rock!

  9 December 2008

A group of Saudi young women are making their voices heard - in a manner unheard of in conservative Saudi Arabia. The Accolade is an all-girl rock band which is making waves across the blogosphere. Here are a few reactions from bloggers in the region.

Is Litter Destroying Coral Reef at Aqaba Beach In Jordan?

  3 December 2008

The Green Prophet asks Will the Coral Reef at Aqaba Beach Be Destroyed By Litter?: “The lush marine habitat by Aqaba Beach in Jordan is among the richest in the world, attracting thousands of visitors per year. But the popularity of the beach is also its downfall: In just 20...