· December, 2007

Stories about Jordan from December, 2007

Jordan: Views on Wearing the Hijab

  23 December 2007

“I'm not Anti-Hijab or Anti-Hijabi or anything. But I really find it weird that some ladies are so keen on wearing it, while they live up to nothing that it represents,” writes Qwaider, from Jordan.

Jordan: A Doctor's Journey

  18 December 2007

“People know that it takes a long time for a doctor to graduate, but they don't know about the whole process. I'll give you a brief description of how a clueless high school graduate ends up a doctor,” writes Jordanian blogger Hareega.

Iraq: The Suffering of Iraqis

  18 December 2007

While we have touched on the plight of Iraqi refugees in neighbouring Arab countries previously, nothing compares to the real misery they are facing away from their homes and jobs more than Iraqi blogger Faiza Al Arji's (Arabic) report from the ground.

Jordan: New Traffic Law

  10 December 2007

Jordanian blogger Khalaf argues that a new traffic law passed by cabinet aims to fill up the government's coffers and not prevent accidents and save lives.

Jordan: On Being Jordanian

  6 December 2007

Jordanian blogger Bakkouz lists the miseries of being Jordanian in this post (Ar), in which he posts an email he had received from his mother.

Jordan: Torture and Punishment

  4 December 2007

Natasha Tynes, from Jordan, discusses torture in her country and reports on a new law which penalizes anyone that tortures any citizen to get information.

Egypt: Tolerance for Gays

  4 December 2007

A Muslim clergyman from Egypt is preaching tolerance towards homosexuals, reports Jordanian Mohammed Al Azraq.