· October, 2007

Stories about Jordan from October, 2007

Jordan: Wasted Food

  6 October 2007

“Have you noticed that we, Jordanians, tend to throw a lot of food in the trash? We fill our dishes with plenty of food that ends up thrown away?…This was just a quick observation…. in a nation where more people are getting hungry,” observes Jordanian blogger Hareega.

Jordan: Wasta Sex

  6 October 2007

I’ve been wondering lately which sex in Jordan uses wasta (nepotism) more. Females or males? And I’m talking about the instigators and not just the pawns, writes Naseem Al Tarawnah from Jordan.

Jordan: Hacking Apple Products

  2 October 2007

“One of the reasons I love Ramadan is that I become productive in a crazy way… After the nap I start hacking & experimenting with different stuff. Don't think of hacking the wrong way. So what have I been up to recently? Mostly hacking Apple related products; the two most...