· September, 2005

Stories about Jordan from September, 2005

Jordan: Albawaba Blogs

30 September 2005

Ammar announce that the first region-wide (Mideast) Bilingual blogging service is up and running. The service is not officially launched, it's still on beta. Go, test drive Albawaba Blogs.

Jordan: Is BigBrother watching?

28 September 2005

Firas is wondering why non of Jordan Planet (Jordan Blogs Aggregator) bloggers talks or mention local issue. He says that if you browse JP’s blogs, you will soon come to the conclusion that Jordan is an oasis of democracy where people are enjoying financial ease and prosperity.

Jordan: Music Morals

27 September 2005

Sugar Cubes and Sabbah seem to be upset with what they describe as the low level of moral that some Arab artists and Arab Music TV channels are performing and promoting.

Jordan: The Power of Blogging

26 September 2005

Wondering how powerful love blogging can be and effect of that on business? Well, here is a good example from Jordan. Jad has a very good example which actually hits two birds in one stone. First, as an upset customer, and second as a blogger who shared his feeling in...

Jordan: Amman Nightlife

23 September 2005

Dr. Marcy now in Amman says that unlike what Beirutis told her, there's night life in Amman.

Jordan: World Forum on Music

22 September 2005

Hind Sabanekh is going to be among the only Arab Girls band to perform in the World Forum on Music, which is a global knowledge-building platform on music and society.

Jordan: Popcorn Mania

21 September 2005

A recent attempt to break yet another Guinness World Record. Ameen Malhas posts some photos of the event sponsored by Fastlink while trying to fill a box with 36 cubic meters of Popcorn.

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

17 September 2005

On International Affairs: With the Israeli withdrawal, there is a lot to say in the Jordanian blogosphere about Palestine, both in relation to the withdrawal and otherwise. Biesan describes the withdrawal as “a historic day for the Palestinian people and for Gaza in particular”. Meanwile, Sugar Cubes reports that Israeli...

Jordan: The Power of Nothing

15 September 2005

Mozzy talks about the power of nothing, we should first consider the mystery of nothing, is it unbearable, the word mystery?

Jordan: Silent Protest Against the Wall

12 September 2005

Roba announce that there's going to be a candlelight vigil held in front of the UN building in Shmeisany on Wednesday the 14th of September at 7 PM in silent protest against the Wall that's being built in Palestine.

Jordan: Royal Scientific Society

12 September 2005

Firas suggests the The Royal Scientific Society of Jordan if you are looking for professional training on much needed hands-on experience that most students do not get while they are in college.

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

11 September 2005

On International Affairs: On the Jordanian blogging front, talk related to Katarina can still be heard. Jameed mentions an opinion that suggests that the focus on looting by “violent gangs” was a means “to divert attention from the total collapse of the infrastructure and the criminally irresponsible relief effort”. He...

Jordan: GPS in Jordan

9 September 2005

Ahmad Humeid wonders if Jordanians will be enjoying electronic city navigation anytime soon.

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

3 September 2005

The Jordanian blogosphere reacts to the current disasters around the globe. Ahmad Humeid offers his condolences for Hurricane Katrina, criticizes the relief effort as being “miserable”, and notes that “what is really sad is that the affluent whites managed to escape while the poor blacks were left behind.” Jameed also...

Jordan: Comment Contest

2 September 2005

Yazan Malakha is giving a $25 USD Amazon gift certificate to whoever comes up with the most humorous comment on a picture of Ronald McDonald.