· February, 2008

Stories about Jordan from February, 2008

Jordan: Wikipedia and Prophet Muhammad

  21 February 2008

Another storm is brewing in the Arab world regarding the depiction of Prophet Muhammed in drawings after Wikipedia refused the demands of more than 180,000 people who called for the illustrations to be removed. Here's the latest buzz from the Middle East.

Jordan: Linux Disaster

  20 February 2008

“I did a silly thing and decided to switch to Linux today. My laptop is no longer functional, it talks in strange tongues now and will not do anything. I will be back when my life is a little less ruined,” writes TololyJ, from Jordan.

Jordan: Country in Denial

  20 February 2008

Tololy, from Jordan, is angry her country has rejected a Human Rights Watch report on Jordan as baseless. “Some times I wish there was a huge creature who could slap Jordan on the face and wake us all up,” she writes.

Jordan: Baby on Board Stickers

  20 February 2008

Ibrahim Owais, from Jordan, draws our attention to a Baby on Board sticker for garbage bin. The campaign, from Italy, is part of a drive to stop people from ‘dumping’ newborns into garbage bins.

Jordan: Injaz Al Arab

  18 February 2008

Mohammad alQaq, from Jordan, draws our attention to Injaz Al Arab – which aims to empower one million Arab students annually by 2018.

Iraq: Jordan Pardons Overstaying Iraqis

  16 February 2008

“The Jordanian street is today boiling after the lifting the subsidiaries off the economy, which sent prices to the roof ; meanwhile, after ranting about the cost of Iraqi refugees here, the Jordanian government has supposedly forgiven the cumbersome 1.5 JD a day fines from 360 thousand “illegally staying” Iraqis,...

Lebanon: Queen Rania and Palestinians

  15 February 2008

“Finally. The queen of Jordan finally commented on the regular Israeli killing of Palestinians. She urged Palestinians to avoid…reckless driving,” writes Lebanese commentator Asad Abu Khalil.

Middle East: Protesting Love

  15 February 2008

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but in the Middle East, the debate still continues on whether it is an occasion which should be celebrated or shunned. With both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait warning against Valentine's Day celebrations, bloggers had a lot to talk about.

Egypt: On Winning the African cup of Nation, Ghana 2008

  13 February 2008

Ask any Egyptian, he’d tell you that last Sunday night, February the 10th, wasn’t like any night.. a night like “thousand nights”.. Egypt won the African Cup of Nations in Ghana 2008 after a fierce match with Cameron 1-0. A marvelous score in a beautiful ditto between Abu Tarika and Zeidan. Egypt won.. Celebrations was almost every where on each and every street in Egypt, as well as in many other Arab countries.

Jordan: Snowmen, Women and Babes

  3 February 2008

The contest is heating up among Jordanian bloggers who are vying for the top place in making a snowman, erm, woman - prompting one blogger to call a truce. With the Internet slowing down across the Middle East, it was only natural for Jordan's bloggers to pour their creative juices elsewhere.

Jordan: Price Hike

  1 February 2008

“Thank you, Jordanian government, for removing subsidies and hiking gas prices across the board. We’ll all be walking a little…stiffer…after next month,” writes An American in Jordan.

MENA: Let it Snow ..

  1 February 2008

After a lull in the weather, it's back to cold and snow in some parts of the Middle East and North Africa. This time, bloggers were better equipped and had their cameras on standby.