· October, 2010

Stories about Jordan from October, 2010

Jordan: The ArabCrunch Controversy Continues

  18 October 2010

ArabCrunch was founded in 2008. The blog launched its Arabic version in 2009, and quickly became a leading blog in the Arab tech sector. Jordanian netizens react to controversies surrounding the site and allegations made by its founder in this post.

Jordanians Tweet about Election Campaigning

  15 October 2010

Jordanian parliamentary candidates are now allowed to post campaign materials for the November 9 elections. Posters now cover main roads, and the topic of these campaign materials has been hotly discussed among Jordanian Twitter users. Almost unanimously, these tweets express disgust with the posters.

Jordan: To Palestine, With Love

  6 October 2010

Bloggers in Jordan, where a majority of people are descended from Palestinians, wrote extensively about issues in the West Bank and the Middle East this week.