· January, 2009

Stories about Jordan from January, 2009

Jordan: The BBC and Gaza

  29 January 2009

“The BBC says the risk of compromising confidence in its fairness, coupled with ‘question marks’ about aid getting through, had led to its decision not to broadcast the Gaza appeal. Because of this decision Sky and ITV are not allowed to make the appeal either,” reports Ali Dahmash, from Jordan.

Jordan: 7iber wins award

  29 January 2009

“Last night was a milestone for 7iber as it received an honorary award at the third annual, 2008 Jordan Web Awards in Amman,” announces Jordanian site 7iber.

Jordan: Help needed in sending aid to Gaza

  14 January 2009

Jordanian Ali Dahmash says more volunteers are needed to help with organising parcels of aid to Gaza. “Donations are still coming from Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Yesterday we unloaded 3 trucks that arrived from Dubai and there are still 25 on the way. The whole process is complicated...

Brazil: “Lightness, harmony and joy in the Middle East”

  14 January 2009

Brazilian photographer and designer Marcos Pacheco [pt] has uploaded amazing pictures of Jordan. “The result of my trip through Jordan, near Gaza, where once again there is now deadly war, is in these image. I hope you like “Jordan” the visual essay. There are lightness, harmony and joy in the...

Arab World: Phoning Gaza and the Tech War on Israel

  13 January 2009

Bloggers are calling upon their readers to pick up the phone - and call the residents of Gaza to show them support. At the other end of the spectrum, Palestinian activists are urging their readers to call Israeli officials - and waste their time, as well as bombard their faxes with mail and their email inboxes with messages. Amira Al Hussaini reports from the front lines of this tech war.

Arab World: “Why the Children of Gaza Don't Deserve to Die?”

  13 January 2009

As the death toll from the Israeli war on Gaza climbs, bloggers from around the Arab world share their thoughts on Palestine, Arab nationalism and why the children of Gaza don't deserve to die. Here are some reflections from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.

Jordan: Respect for Chavez

  9 January 2009

Jordanian blog 7iber reports: “After Hugo Chavez expelled Israel’s Ambassador to Venezuela earlier this week, Jordanians left flowers by the Venezuelan embassy in Amman on Thursday, January 8th, as a show of respect.” Click on the link for photographs.

Jordan: “Barbaric Crimes of Israel in Gaza”

  9 January 2009

“It does not depend on a certain political perspective, nationality, religion or race to feel so outraged by the barbaric crimes of Israel in Gaza, you need only to be a human being with a functioning heart,” writes Jordanian blogger Batir Wardam on the latest flashpoint in the Middle East.

Why not in Egypt?

  8 January 2009

Rob asks why popular Islamic Egyptian preacher Amr Khaled announced from Amman the start of his campaign of blood donation to Gaza, and not from Egypt.

Egypt: Give Gaza to Egypt

  6 January 2009

Sandmonkey justifies his reasons in a reply to Drima‘s suggested solution for the current crisis by giving Gaza to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordon.

Jordan: The Gaza Connection

  5 January 2009

As Israel continues its attack on Gaza, Jordanian bloggers move beyond condemning the violence and translate their words and feelings into action. Ebtihal Mahadeen brings us the story.