· January, 2008

Stories about Jordan from January, 2008

Jordan: 24 Hour Marathon

  22 January 2008

From Jordan, Ammar Ibrahim will be running in a 24 hour marathon. “Dead to Read (D2R) is an annual event for psychos, you get teams of 10 people to run 242KM from Dead Sea to Red Sea in under 24 hours. we start running at 3 PM Thursday Jan 31st,...

Pitch Black Gaza: Jordanian Bloggers React!

  22 January 2008

As the Israeli onslaught in Gaza continues this week, the death toll continues to climb. With many of the dead being civilians and the European Union labeling the Israeli offensive as 'collective punishment', the situation has not sat well with Jordanian bloggers. Here's what they had to say in the past few days.

Palestine: Gaza Under Seige

  21 January 2008

Bloggers around the region are adding their voices to an international outcry as the Gaza Strip falls into darkness. A four-day Israeli blockade on the strip has led to the closure of the territory's only power station because of the lack of fuel.

Jordan: The Impact of Bloggers on Politics

  16 January 2008

Mohammad Azraq turns his attention this week to Jordan's bloggers who are discussing the impact of blogging on politics, a visit to a music conservatory in old Ramullah, Palestine, the significance of archeology and why Arabs should not give up on their mother tongue.

Free Fouad: Arab Bloggers Speak Up!

  16 January 2008

The dean of Saudi bloggers Fouad Al Farhan (Ar) is still being detained - a month after he was handcuffed from his office in Jeddah and taken to an undisclosed location. Bloggers from Saudi Arabia to Tunisia are rallying behind Al Farhan and calling for his immediate release.

Jordan: Infant or Cat?

  8 January 2008

Firas from Jordan sheds light on internal politics, net profit bagged by cellular phone companies and his country's energy crisis in this post. Also, read about how the suspected skeleton of an infant turned out to be that of a cat.

Arabeyes: Have a Spectacular New Year!

  3 January 2008

New Year's is the time to reflect on the past and make new resolutions for the future. What are bloggers from the Arab world saying as the world bids 2007 farewell and welcomes 2008?