· May, 2009

Stories about Jordan from May, 2009

Jordan: King Goes Undercover

  30 May 2009

Jordan's King Abdullah visited the Health Ministry's Patients’ Affairs Department in disguise to see what services were being offered to citizens seeking treatment. Naseem Tarawnah jots down his thoughts on the visit in this post.

Jordan: Calling a Spade a Spade in War on Child Abuse

  19 May 2009

From Jordan, Kinzi notes her admiration for Queen Rania's efforts on curbing child abuse. “It’s not too late to highlight her amazing ability to both take responsibility for temporary failure, point out the problems, call a spade a spade, and inspire leaders to attack the problem with renewed vigor,” writes...

MENA: Does Swine Flu Spread from Touching Pigs?

  14 May 2009

More than 14 centuries after Islam prohibited the consumption of pork, pigs are once again making headlines across the Arab world - this time in the form of tweets. Here's a quick snapshot of some of the messages from Twitter users across the region.

Arab World Reacts to Jordan's Twittering Queen Rania

  14 May 2009

After her debut on YouTube, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan is now courting microblogging service Twitter, allowing the world to catch up with the 140-character messages of the self-described mum and wife “with a real cool day job.” With 41,217 followers so far (she is only following 31), reactions from around the region on the Twittering Queen's adventure pour in.

Egypt: Obama to Address Muslim World from Egypt

  12 May 2009

The date is all set. US President Barack Hussain Obama will deliver his much anticipated speech on relations with the Muslim world in Egypt on June 4 and the Egyptian blogosphere is as divided as ever, with some questioning whether Obama will turn a blind eye to the country's human rights record. And although the speech and its content and impact on relations with the region are taking a backseat for the moment, the pressing question on many bloggers' minds is: "Why Egypt?"

Egypt: No Longer the Admin for the Queen Rania Facebook Fan Page

  11 May 2009

Egyptian blogger TripleM writes about his efforts to create a fan page for Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, which he can no longer access or manage.  “I was surprised to find out that I’m no longer the admin of the Queen Rania’s fan page on Facebook. The page I...

Jordan: 11th Honour Killing this Year

  11 May 2009

Kinzi from Jordan recounts the 11th honour killing in Jordan this year: “Mother of six, stabbed 18 times by one brother, 4 by another, for telling them her whereabouts were ‘none of their business’.” This last crime claimed the life of the mother's 20-week-old fetus as well.

Jordan: Wasting Time on Shallow TV Shows

  1 May 2009

Jordanian Batir Wardam at Jordan Watch [ar] asks: “What is the percentage of Arabs who waste most of their time following shallow television shows, devoid of any content, on Arab satellite channels?”

Jordan: Interview with Arab Internet Entrepreneur

  1 May 2009

On StartUp Arabia, Mohamed Marwen Meddah interviews Arab Internet entrepreneur Mohamad Haj Hasan, co-founder of Jordan-based Boundless, the company behind online cards game destination Jawaker, and online job portal Akhtaboot.