· May, 2008

Stories about Jordan from May, 2008

Jordan: Shy of Bras

  27 May 2008

An exhibition with a difference is being held in Jordan – that of bras – and the media is shy from covering it, writes Ahmed Humeid.

Jordan: Where did you sit in class?

  27 May 2008

“Where did you sit in class?” asks Jordanian blogger Roba, who provides us with an illustrated diagram showing how where students sat reflected their attitude towards the class.

Jordan: On Top of the World!

  27 May 2008

According to Al-Ghad newspaper, Jordanain Mustafa Salameh became the first Jordanian to plant the Jordanian flag on top of Mount Everest, reports Jordanian blogger Hareega.

Jordan: To All the Drama Fans

  24 May 2008

“(H)ere's a piece of advice for all drama fans: If you want to have drama in your life, do it in an environment friendly way and don't take it out on others; let it only involve you and yourself. It's nobody's fault you turned out this way. No, not even...

Jordan: Hackers Eyes on Palestinian Blogs

  19 May 2008

It's funny how every time I write about Palestine, I get a slew of hack attempts ranging from the most primitive to the most complicated scary ones. I won't get into much details, but I've been noticing a huge amount of unnatural activity,” writes Jordanian blogger Qwaider.

Jordan: Families not able to Eat

  19 May 2008

Joladies from Jordan writes about a poor woman, she met at a hospital, who told her nine children haven't eaten meat since last year. She comments: “When we watch all the money that is flowing round Jordan it just seems so awful that families are not able to eat.”

Jordan: Three Activists Detained

  16 May 2008

“Three leftist activists were detained by the Jordanian police for putting up posters about the Nakba in the streets…” reports Hossam el Hamalawy, from Egypt.

Jordan: Queen Rania Reads Blogs

  15 May 2008

Jordanian Ahmed Humeid is excited Queen Rania of Jordan has mentioned a number of websites related to citizen journalism in a recent newspaper interview.

Palestine: Sixty Years of Al Nakba

  15 May 2008

Celebrations are under way to mark Israel's 60th anniversary - but for millions of Palestinians whose grandparents and parents were made refugees in the process, today marks Al Nakba - a day they were forced to flee their lands or were forcefully expelled from their homes as the State of Israel was born. Following is a cross-section of reactions from Arab bloggers.

Dubai: Whales and Planktons

  12 May 2008

Jordanian blogger Sha3teely is in Dubai for a few days and shares his feelings and some photographs in this post. “This trip simply showed me how much poor, unimportant, dispensable and small creature I am… it showed me how big is the world and how far are we. It showed...

Jordan: Speed Kills

  5 May 2008

Speed kills, so does culture, says Jordanian blogger Naseem Tarawnah in this post about speeding.

Jordan: Gearing Up for Strike

  3 May 2008

Jordan is gearing up for a strike on May 4, according to bloggers. Just like in Egypt, the message to strike was posted on Facebook, and later picked up by blogs, in protest against increasing prices and calling for better living conditions.

Middle East: Police Meet Workers on May 1

  2 May 2008

May Day is the day workers around the world rally for better working conditions and higher wages. In the Middle East, bloggers mark the day with posts and photographs reporting what happened, what the day means for them, and why it is a reason for celebration.