· February, 2006

Stories about Argentina from February, 2006

Computer Crash: Food Overload

  25 February 2006

Was your umbilical cord attached to a computer when you were born? It may sound like a strange statement, but the truth is that some of us think that. Especially if you happen to be in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes and there is no telephone or Internet for...

Diary of Negotiations: Argentina's New Experiment in Blogs and Politics

24 February 2006

The following is a translation of Mariano Amartino's post originally written in Spanish on Clarín's Weblog Sobre Weblogs Diario de Gestión (Newspaper of Negotiation) is one of the more interesting experiments to have emerged as a way to merge blogging with politics. Basically, it is a website that offers a...

Argentina: 82nd Child of the Disappeared Recovered

  22 February 2006

Jeff Barry links to an article in Argentina's largest daily, Clarín about the identification of a 28-year-old man by the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo as the son of two kidnapped victims during the country's military dictatorship. Now known as Sebastián, he is the 82nd disappeared child to be...

Argentina, Cayman Islands: Gay Cruise Ships

  22 February 2006

Ian writes that South America's first “gay cruiser” has docked in Buenos Aires. Andres Duque has more on the controversial cruise journey – which plans on ending its voyage in Rio for Carnival – as he compares it to a similar cruise which caused an uproar in the Cayman Islands...

Argentina: Google Video Replacing MTV?

  13 February 2006

The Argentine indie band, Video de Mi Pequeña Muerte now has a blog where they have posted their newest music video, “Cuando el sol prometio volver,” which was recorded using a digital camera and then uploaded to Google Video says Fernando Casale (ES).

Argentina: E-Voting

13 February 2006

Jeff Barry has found some interesting resources about Argentina's electronic voting pilot program last October.

Argentina: Los Gauchos Gay

9 February 2006

Andrés Duque writes that the Latin American release of Brokeback Mountain is inspiring new reflection of sexuality and homosexuality in Argentina.

Argentina: Arturo Jauretche

7 February 2006

Bob Row highlights the flamboyant intellectual, Arturo Jauretche (ES) in a caricature with the usual bilingual description.

Argentina: The Story of Italian Immigration

6 February 2006

Jeff Barry recounts the history of his girlfriend's ancestors who immigrated to Quilmes after their Adriatic coastal town was occupied my German soldiers. Barry makes the story – representative of a generation of Italian immigrants – come alive with vivid descriptions of their trials and tribulations.

Argentina: More Free, Creative Commons Music

1 February 2006

Fernando Casale reviews the album (ES), “Eleven Songs Written in the Bathroom” by Argentine singer, Esteban Gómez whose project, Madreocéano (Mother Ocean) has its own weblog and website where the the entire Creative Commons-licensed album is freely available for download. Sebas leaves a comment on Casale's review lamenting the fact...

Argentina, Spain: Blogs and Translation

  1 February 2006

Martin Varsavsky, an Argentinean living in Spain, explains why he has six blogs in two different languages. He then adds, “I rarely translate my blogs. I don´t believe in translation. I believe in cultures and I say raise different issues in different languages; something that frequently annoys my Spanish readers...