· June, 2007

Stories about Argentina from June, 2007

Argentina: Cristina.gov.ar

  25 June 2007

Un Lugar [ES] looks at the new domains registered by Cristina Kirchner, Senator and wife of the current Argentine president. There is also speculation how she was able to register domains specifically set aside for special government projects.

Argentina: Inexpensive Buenos Aires

  23 June 2007

Blog Pasa en Buenos Aires [ES] writes about a recent study that found Buenos Aires to be one of the five most inexpensive cities for foreigners, and asks, “what do you think tourists buy when they visit our city?”

Argentina: Blogs About Facundo Macarrón

23 June 2007

eBlog [ES] collects links to various blogs about Facundo Macarrón, a teenager accused of murdering his mother. Some blogs were created to pass as an official blog written by the young man, and others are written in defense.

Argentina: Manu Ginobili Action Figure

  19 June 2007

Agua Fuertes 2004 [ES] walks into a shopping center in Flores and is pleased to find an action figure of Manu Ginobili, a member of the current NBA champions, on the shelves.

Argentina: Mauricio Macri's Record

  18 June 2007

A comment left on the blog Soy Donde No Pienso [ES] lists the various times when the representative Mauricio Macri, who is favored in the second round of the Buenos Aires mayoral race, missed a vote, which was 280 out of 320 sessions.

Argentina: Waste of Time

  14 June 2007

eBlog [ES] thinks the recent debate of Buenos Aires mayoral candidates was a waste of time because “almost no one cares about their proposals.”

Argentina: National Day Against Child Labor

  13 June 2007

Seba Lorenzo recalls the steps that were taken to declare June 12 as National Day Against Child Labor. He writes in Grito Argentino [ES] that it took two years to convince the Senate to make that a reality. It also helped that his mother was a representative in Congress.

Argentina: Buenos Aires Mayoral Blog

  11 June 2007

It was a bit of a disappointment for current Buenos Aires mayor Jorge Telerman to see his choice to succeed him, Daniel Filmus, who came up short in the first round of elections. However, Telerman reiterates that he will continue to write on his blog through the end of his...

Argentina: Why Macri Won

  10 June 2007

Esteban Grinberg writes in De Todo Un Poco [ES] that Mauricio Macri collected the highest vote total in last week's mayoral election in Buenos Aires. Even though he did not vote for him, “He provided a campaign with constructive discussion, with proposals, and avoiding a dirty campaign. To put a...

Argentina: Blog Documentary

  9 June 2007

Blogonoia [ES] is an Argentine blog that has been chronicling the progress and writing about the interviews that will be part of the ongoing blog documentary project.

Argentina: The New Noise Law

  9 June 2007

Pasa en Buenos Aires [ES] writes about the new “Noise Law” that seeks to curb the level of noise in the city and limits to 80db. The law also places restrictions on car alarms and sirens. Those that do not conform to the new law can face fines up to...

Americas: Recent Poll Numbers

  5 June 2007

Bloggings by Boz returns with his regular installment of poll numbers from across the region. The summary post includes news from Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina.

Argentina: Buenos Aires Election Analysis

  4 June 2007

Regarding the Jefe de Gobierno (mayoral) election in Buenos Aires, Leandro Zanoni of eBlog [ES] provides his own analysis picking the winners, the losers, and the best campaign. He writes that the big winner was, “Mauricio Macri, obtaining more than 45% of the votes (more than Filmus and Telerman combined)....

Argentina: Problems with Broadband Leads to Experiment

  4 June 2007

Marcos Sader of Defmay [ES], a blog from Cordoba, Argentina, has been having trouble with his internet service provided by Fibertel. Fed up with the runaround given by the company, he has decided to try a little experiment by organizing other Fibertel users and see if, collectively, they can make...

Argentina: Partial Election Results on Second Life

  1 June 2007

Pablo Mancini provides partial election results for the Jefe de Gobierno contest in Buenos Aires. At this junction, Jorge Telerman leads over Mauricio Macri. Polls at the Argentonia site remain open until Sunday (the date of the real elections).