· December, 2005

Stories about Argentina from December, 2005

Argentina: Remembering Cromañon

30 December 2005

Toutatis remembers the first anniversary of the Cromañón tragedy, when 194 concertgoers died in a blaze at the República Cromañón concert venue. Toutatis remarks that the tragedy “has changed the way nightclubs, rockclubs and bars in the city are controlled and granted permits” as well as influenced the impeachment trial...

Latin America: Day of the “Innocents”

29 December 2005

Mariano Amartino has a summary of blogs “celebrating” El Dia de los Inocentes – the Spanish speaking world's version of April Fool's Day. As such, Definitely Maybe announced that Google bought Yahoo.

Latin America: Pan-American Literary Blog

  28 December 2005

El Boomeran(g) (ES) is a new group blog by eight critics and writers spread across Latin America and Spain. Sponsored by media conglomerate Grupo PRISA (owners of Spain's largest daily El Pais), the site is divided by: 1.) novels in progress 2.) criticism 3.) the “chronicle” and 4.) a forum.

Argentina: Novelist Manuel Puig

28 December 2005

Jeff Barry celebrates what would have been Argentinean novelist, Manuel Puig's 73rd birthday by picking up his most well-known novel, The Kiss of the Spider Woman. Barry also notes that Puig‘s translator, Suzanne Jill Levine is one of the best and that Puig himself wrote a novel in English which...

Argentina: Latin America Marches Left

23 December 2005

Expat Argentina gives an Argentinean perspective of South America's “march leftward” while Matt explains why he is “the chicken.”

Argentina: Paying Off the IMF

20 December 2005

Both Toutatis and Robert Wright try to get to the bottom of President Kirchner's surprising announcement that the country's IMF bill would be paid off by the end of the year.

Argentina: Football Champions

16 December 2005

Doug congratulates the Boca Juniors for becoming champions of the Argentine football league while The Global Game is accepting submissions for a “forthcoming anthology of literature on world soccer, women’s soccer and culture.”

Bolivia: A Better Xmas Gift

16 December 2005

If you're tired of the consumerist Christmas spirit, Nick Buxton recommends giving a “Bolivia gift,” which he promises to divide between four development projects.

Argentina: Anonymity on the Web

16 December 2005

Jorge Gobbi of Buenos Aires returns to the topic of internet anonymity following recent criticisms of Wikipedia.

Argentina: Buenos Aires in Film and Photo

14 December 2005

Jorge Gobbi takes out his video camera to “show you a part of the city that usually doesn’t appear in documentaries or brochures.” Robert Wright takes out his digital SLR to continue documenting the city's stencil art.

Argentina: Music – Ram Venus

14 December 2005

ZonaIndie highlights Argentinean quartet, Ram Venus. Their entire 2004 album, El Universo es un Lugar Maravilloso (the universe is a wondeful place) can be downloaded for free.

Argentina: What Kirchner is Up To

12 December 2005

Robert Wright has a three part series on how Kirchner is (mis)using his political capital and what forces lie behind the scenes.

Argentina: More Condom Pictures

6 December 2005

Robert Wright, playing on the word “forro,” which can mean either “condom” or “idiot” in Argentine slang, has more photos of the famous obelisco in Buenos Aires covered by a pink condom.

Argentina: International Fair of Tourism

5 December 2005

Jorge Gobbi describes what he refers to as “touristic essentialism” at this past weekend's International Fair of Tourism held in Buenos Aires.

Argentina: World's Largest Condom?

2 December 2005

Argenautas has a photo of what they describe as the “super condom” that was draped over Buenos Aires’ famed Obelisk to commemorate World AIDS Day.