· December, 2008

Stories about Argentina from December, 2008

Americas: A Look Back at 2008

  26 December 2008

In 2008, the Latin American team from Global Voices helped add context and helped highlight voices of bloggers that wrote about the numerous news stories that took place across the region. From the election of an ex-bishop in Paraguay to the march against the FARC in Colombia, bloggers provided their thoughts on natural disasters, protests, strikes, and important events across the Americas.

Israel: Kibbutz Features Argentinean Murals

  20 December 2008

Israeli Mom describes her visit to Kibbutz Or HaNer, which is special for its large scale murals created by Argentinean artists Daniela Almeida and Jose Kura. “During 2007, Kura and Almeida were invited to the kibbutz (founded by Jewish immigrants from Argentina), to create a collection of murals that will...

Cuba, U.S.A.: Lat Am & Caribbean Leaders Meet

  19 December 2008

“You could call it the independence summit”: The Cuban Triangle takes a look at the meeting of Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Brazil, adding that it “seems to have been about independence from Washington and a big way of expressing that independence was opposition to U.S. policy toward Cuba.”

Argentina: Strange Case of Gerez Forgotten by the Public

  11 December 2008

In Argentina, Esteban Grinberg of De Todo Un Poco [es] writes that the disappearance and strange reappearance of Luis Gerez has been forgotten by the general public nearly 2 years after the original news broke. Gerez testified against a former torturer, who had been elected to Congress.

HIV & AIDS: Creative awareness raising campaigns

  3 December 2008

We bring you a Christian Church that raps in Spanish against Drugs and AIDS, correct male condom usage in El Salvador, a Peruvian campaign using modified Tarot cards to tell "clients" about their future regarding love and sexuality, a Venezuelan calendar that brings nude artists together against AIDS, an African network show about living with HIV/AIDS and an HIV+ Argentinean who shows through video what his life is like.

Argentina: Building Preservation Law Set to Expire

  1 December 2008

Rodrigo Ruiz Ciancia of Basta de Demoler [es], a blog dedicated to the preservation of historical buildings in Buenos Aires, writes about a Preservation Law that is set to expire in mid-December, which would leave approximately 3,600 buildings unprotected.