· April, 2008

Stories about Argentina from April, 2008

Argentina: Suggestion for Charging Monthly Fee at the UBA

  27 April 2008

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) is free for its students, but Esteban Grinberg of De Todo Un Poco [es] suggests that a small monthly registration fee should be applied so that improvements can be made to the departments and so that students have greater duty to complete the work.

Argentina: Guaraní Youth Join Army

  24 April 2008

María Florencia Puente of La Misionera [es] writes about Guaraní indigenous youth that recently joined the Argentine Armed Forces. The agreement will help both groups learn from one another.

Argentina: Economist Blogs and Economy Policy

  15 April 2008

Economy blogs in Argentina have made a recent splash due to the interest in recent events involving protests and road blockades due to the economic policies of the govenment. Much of this has resulted in the need for better information about the conflict between the countryside and the government, which, according to many, was poorly covered by the media and which was plagued by generalizations.

Argentina: “New” Trains in Buenos Aires

  12 April 2008

TBA Me Mata [es] published a video on the “new trains” that have been bought from Spain as used trains and writes, “the tragic thing is that these trains – over there they are waste – they are in better condition than any of the traincars that we travel on...

Argentina: high school students use online video to report their issues.

  6 April 2008

By uploading a video on YouTube, argentinean high school students managed to get mass media's attention to their plight: the need for a building where they can receive classes. Currently the Ipem 112 “César Iñíguez Montenegro”, in Sebastián Elcano, a village to the north of the Cordoba capital in Argentina are receiving lessons at an elementary school. However, because the elementary school has double shifts, the high school students are forced to receive evening classes, as if it were a night school.

Argentina: Video of Anti-Protest in Buenos Aires

  2 April 2008

David Sasaki compiles a video complete with background information regarding the anti-protest held in Buenos Aires in support of President Cristina Kirchner and her policies, which has angered rural farmers and producers.