· April, 2006

Stories about Argentina from April, 2006

Argentina: History Finds a Home

  28 April 2006

Robert Wright explains the etymology of the Buenos Aires neighborhood, Caballito. If in the area, you'll soon have a chance to see the original namesake.

Latin America: Stories Broken By Bloggers

  26 April 2006

Jose Luis Orihuela is making a list (ES) of stories that first broke on Spanish-language blogs and were then picked up by the mainstream media. Among the stories include Argentine soccer celebrity Diego Maradona's contract with a TV station (ES) and an anti-MTV marketing parody (ES).

Cooking Pleasures

  22 April 2006

#1: From Caracas, Venezuela: Blog de Zulmy I have just discovered her blog, but it seems to me that she is and will be one of the most active food bloggers from her country! Good for you Zulmy :) Have you heard of Cocoa Tea? An infusion made with the...

Argentina: “The Yang to Steak's Ying”

  21 April 2006

In The Argentine Metropolis describes a meal at an Argentine oxymoron: the vegan restaurant. “This was not penance for eating steak; this was a celebration of fresh ingredients, the yang to steak's ying.”

A Brief Review of the Blogs in Córdoba

20 April 2006

The following is a translation of a post originally written in Spanish by Franco A. Giménez: at Weblog Sobre Weblogs. Giménez has been blogging from Córdoba – Argentina's second-largest city 700 kilometers west of Buenos Aires – since 2002. It seems as if many years have gone by since that...

Argentina: Meat Freak

  19 April 2006

Beef, beef, beef, and beef. Anglophone bloggers in Argentina concentrate on the cow.

Argentina: Soccer and Economics

  18 April 2006

In a fascinating analysis of football and economics, Asad Yawar thinks both spheres will perform strong in 2006. “But the playing philosophy of the 2006 selection is befitting of a country that has produced the archetypally modernist literature of Borges, the endlessly innovative music of Soda Stereo, the sensual eroticism...

Argentina: Ernesto Sábato

  13 April 2006

Cartoonist Bob Row uses his artistic pen to honor the Argentine humanist, Ernesto Sábato. You can learn more about Sábato on Wikipedia.

Argentina: Sacrificing the Unthinkable

  12 April 2006

“Given my multinational beef eating experiences, I am the first to promote the superior quality of Argentina’s meat” says Diego in Altered Argentina. But find out why his favorite food is under attack in Argentina. Included is a very handy chart of state-regulated prices depending on the cut.

Argentina: Borges & Judas

  11 April 2006

After a month-long blog break to finish a novel, Jeff Barry is back to point out that Borges wrote about Judas’ potential good side long before National Geographic.

Argentina, Spain: More Music

  11 April 2006

Two more Argentine indie groups recommended by musical connoisseur Fernando Casale. Check out sample tracks from Sync Filmico and Alvy Singer. From Spain, 4024 Segundos is a compilation available for download of new songs licensed under the Spanish Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

Argentina: The Most Popular Leader of the Americas: Nestor Kirchner

7 April 2006

Expat Argentina cites a new survey which calls President Nestor Kirchner the most popular leader of the Americas. “I think it is safe to say that, barring a very major scandal, Kirchner is going to be re-elected in a landslide.” Bob Row has posted a cartoon, which suggests that Peronism's...

Argentina: Overexposing B.A.

  6 April 2006

Ian Mount, in a post titled “Overexposing B.A.–Will it Ever End?” links to an article he wrote for the New York Times about traveling to Buenos Aires. Argentina's largest paper, El Clarín notes (ES) that it was among the most popular online articles at the Times website.

Argentina: Wikipedia and Kirchner

  5 April 2006

Doug of All-Encompassingly points his readers to an article from the Argentine paper, La Nación about the recent virtual battle on Wikipedia to define President Néstor Kirchner. The Wikipedia page is currently locked.

Argentina, Cuba, Peru: China and Latin America

  4 April 2006

Boz criticizes the special coverage by the BBC, arguing that they are “falling into the usual memes about Latin America,” including a biased view of Latin Americans’ reactions to increasing Chinese influence. Investment Opportunities in Argentina believes that China will soon invest heavily in Argentina. Georgina, writing from Havana, says...

Bold Flavors of the World

  2 April 2006

#1: From Cambodia, Phnomenon To understand Cambodian cooking, we have to look back to explore the historical events that took place there and the cultures that influenced the building of today's gastronomical bounty. In the 6th century, Cambodia was a kingdom with an Indian-inspired culture, situated on the delta and...