· April, 2009

Stories about Argentina from April, 2009

Argentina: Cleaning Up the Riachuelo

  18 April 2009

La Matanza River, better known as El Riachuelo, flows through one of the most colorful tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, the contamination from nearby industrial plants has left the waterway heavily polluted. Despite promises from local authorities, little progress has been made to clean up the river. A Greenpeace icebreaker is arriving to take part in a campaign to raise awareness and to push for results.

Argentina: Mi* Platform for Budding Spanish Speaking Citizen Journalists

  13 April 2009

From Argentina, the Mi * (asterisk) citizen journalism website has sprouted up, with the intention of becoming the platform for budding Spanish speaking citizen journalists to post their work and receive comments, discuss topics, receive training and share content. So far citizen journalism workshops have been given in Argentina, Ecuador and Dominican Republic, and citizens from these and other countries have been participating on the site.

Argentina: A Wall Separating Two Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

  12 April 2009

A wall built between two neighborhoods in northern Buenos Aires leaves residents and bloggers wondering whether this is the best way to combat crime or whether it just a way to separate people of different classes. Even though in a local newspaper poll, most people support the wall because of the problem of security that many face, it was torn down by those in opposition leaving little to show for the public investment of funds.

Argentina: A Land of Immigrants and Emigrants

Argentina is a country built by immigrants primarily by Europeans who escaped war and hunger in the early 20th century. Later, South Americans and Asians also made a new life in the country having to adapt to new surroundings. However, in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Argentineans also left their country due to the presence of a military dictatorship, and later a political and economic crisis. All of this movement makes Argentina a land of immigrants and emigrants.

Bolivia: Unlikely and Historic 6-1 Win Over Argentina

  5 April 2009

With head coach Diego Maradona and his squad of superstars in La Paz to face Bolivia in a World Cup qualifying football match, it was expected to be another easy victory for Argentina ranked 6th in the world. However, it was the Bolivian team that shocked the entire continent with at the unexpected 6-1 victory bringing about renewed hope and faith in the national team.

Argentina: Suggestion from Walter the Taxi Driver

  1 April 2009

Layne Mosler of Go Where the Taxista Takes You receives a a restaurant suggestion from “Walter” a taxi driver from Buenos Aires, Argentina who had been shot while changing a tire and who had only recently returned to work.