· January, 2008

Stories about Argentina from January, 2008

Argentina: Playing Pro Basketball

28 January 2008

Andrew Jackson of Argentina's Travel Guide interviews Chris Jeffries, a US citizen playing professional basketball in Argentina. Jeffries says, “I’ve had the chance to travel the world, get paid for it, and learn two (Spanish, French) new languages. To me that’s amazing.”

Davos: peeking in and participating through videos

  26 January 2008

The World Economic Forum´s annual meeting of political and business leaders is taking place between January 23rd and January 27th in Davos, Switzerland. This year, common people can participate in this forum by giving their ideas to make the world a better place and posting it on the YouTube video sharing site.

Argentina: Rapid Trains to Rosario and Córdoba

  24 January 2008

TBA Me Mata [es] provides an opinion on the rapid trains from Buenos Aires to the Argentine cities of Rosario and Córdoba, including that it will be too expensive for ordinary citizens, who will continue to use alternative forms of transport.

Argentina: Patagonian Lamb

  22 January 2008

Juan Pablo Meneses of Cronicas Argentinas [es] is now in the Patagonia region of Argentina looking for a good place to try the famous Patagonian lamb, cooked as “a rustic, delicious alternative, over an open fire.”

Argentina: Stranded Italian Tourists

  14 January 2008

A strike by the baggage handlers from the airline Aerolineas Argentinas caused a ripple effect and stranded hundreds of tourists, who received very little explanations and assistance from staff. Julián Gallo of Mirá! [es] recounts the plight of a group of Italian tourists.

Argentina: Shrine to Gauchito Gil

  8 January 2008

El Opinador Compulsivo [es] posts a picture of the shrine to Gauchito Gil on the anniversary of his death. He is a revered figure for some Argentines and is believed to be the provider of many miracles.

A documentary on blogs and journalism

  5 January 2008

Fabio Malini [pt] recommends a documentary by Alvaro Liuzzi [es] who “has made an effort to interview a number of bloggers – Argentine, Spanish, Chilean etc – for his documentary about blogging and journalism, published in video on the site Vimeo. They are 12 in-depth interviews, made with a Canon...

Americas: A Look Back at Global Voices – Part I

  3 January 2008

Global Voices - Latin America is covered by an excellent team of volunteer authors, who know the local context and can read the pulse of their respective blogospheres. This is the first in a three-part series of articles looking back at some of the topics that were blogged about in 2007.