· June, 2008

Stories about Argentina from June, 2008

Argentina: Exact Change Only on Subway

  10 June 2008

Public transportation continues to be a topic of discussion in Argentina. Candelaria of Viajé Como El Orto [es] posts a photo found at one of the subway train stations of a homemades sign which asks for exact change. Readers share their own stories including one that instructs users to look...

Argentina: Comparing Evita and Riquelme

  10 June 2008

Juan Pablo Meneses of Cronicas Argentinas [es] compares the Boca Junior footballer Juan Roman Riquelme and the famous first lady Eva Perón, saying both are the people's representatives and both elicit strong reactions either critical or in support.

Mobile Phone Technology for Environmental Activism

  5 June 2008

Mobile phones are becoming an important tool for environmental activists around the world. Activists are developing new technological strategies in order to do things like educate consumers about the impact of purchasing decisions, monitor wildlife and polution levels, and advocate for the protection of forests. A report from the United...