· May, 2008

Stories about Argentina from May, 2008

Argentina: Commemoration of the Cordobazo

  29 May 2008

Argenautas [es] commemorates 39 years since the “Cordobazo” in the Aregentine city of Córdoba which featured, “the largest mobilization of workers and students and marked the beginning of the end of the dictatorship of Juan Carlos Onganía.”

Argentina: The Countryside and Social Conflict

  23 May 2008

During the last two months, the Argentinean political agenda has been marked by the conflict between the government and “the countryside,” a generic denomination that groups everything from big land owners, to private companies that rent the land for soybean harvesting, to small producers, and rural workers. Blogs on both sides take a stand on the conflict.

Argentina: Poll Numbers of Buenos Aires Mayor

  22 May 2008

Lucas Carrasco of Artepolitica [es] provides the latest poll numbers for Buenos Aires mayor Mauricio Macri. Overall he remains popular, but residents indicate that security remains their number one concern.

Argentina: Protest of Demolishment

  19 May 2008

Basta de Demoler [es] (Enough with the Demolishment) posts video of the recent gathering in protest of an illegal and clandestine destruction of a historic building with colorful mural in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argentina: High Speed Train a Bad Idea

  17 May 2008

The constuction of a high speed train linking the Argentine cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario and Córdboa is ready to begin at a cost of 4 billion dollars. Fabio M. Baccaglioni provides a lengthy list of reasons why this is a bad idea and will negatively affect many groups....

Global: The price of food, the cost of despair

  2 May 2008

The crisis of skyrocketing food prices is affecting all economic groups in every corner of the world. Every day, it seems, high-priced food sends another country lurching through some crisis: demonstrations, riots, rumors of hoarding, falling governments, even deaths. Global Voices is well positioned to follow the nuances of this...

Americas: Insufficient Actions and Solutions for Food Crisis

  2 May 2008

Prices and shortages of food can be seen across Latin America, as many people are becoming desperate with the situation. Blame is being placed on the farmers and blame is being placed on the government for their failure to act or failure to act insufficiently. Bloggers are writing about what they are seeing around them, while others are writing about possible solutions.