· December, 2007

Stories about Argentina from December, 2007

Argentina: What the Media Didn't Say About Personal Fest

  12 December 2007

Personal Fest is a two-day concert held in Buenos Aires and sponsored by a major telecommunications company. During the concert, an incident involving the stabbing of a concertgoer caused a stampede and resulted in many injured. The traditional media failed to cover the incident, and many bloggers picked up the story of the events, as well as the failure to cover the event and the organizers to properly explain what had happened.

Argentina: Less People Using Trains

  11 December 2007

TBA Me Mata [es] comments on a recent article in the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarin that states that people are beginning to avoid the use of trains because of the poor service.

Argentina: What Happened at PersonalFest?

  10 December 2007

Fabio.com.ar [es] and Jorge Gobbi of Vida Vacia 4.1 [es] write about the occurrences at PersonalFest, the two-day music festival in Buenos Aires. According to some witnesses, there were reports of stampedes and people who were attacked with knives. All of this was ignored by the mainstream media according to...

Argentina: Free E-Book About Buenos Aires

  10 December 2007

Jeff Barry of Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance releases a free 57-page E-Book about the Argentine capital. Much of the material is based on reformatted and edited archives from his blog.