· June, 2011

Stories about Argentina from June, 2011

Argentina: Buenos Aires ‘Cartoneros’

  27 June 2011

Simon Kofoed, In his blog argen-times, writes about ‘cartoneros': “The tens of thousands of cartoneros, perhaps best translated as cardboard people, make their living by extracting recyclable materials from the city’s rubbish.”

Argentina: Cristina Fernández Announces Re-Election Bid

  22 June 2011

On Tuesday, June 21, Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced she will run for reelection. The Argentine Post looks at the challenges she will have to deal with if reelected, while Eliot Brockner, in Latin American Thought, says her prospects for winning “are looking good”.

Latin America: ‘La Furgo-Nana’ On the Road For Children's Rights and Lullabies

  20 June 2011

A documentary, a ‘transmedia platform’ and a humanitarian project: in ‘La Furgo-Nana’ (“a Volkswagen Type II Bus from 1969″) Maria and Anton are driving through the Pan American highway from Tijuana, Mexico to Ushuaia, Argentina to “transform the difficult reality of Latin American children into a fascinating adventure you will...

Argentina: Demonstrations in the Borda Psychiatric Hospital

  20 June 2011

Medical staff and associations rallied in the beginning of June to protest against the deterioration of housing conditions in the Hospital Borda, one the most notable psychiatric hospitals in Argentina, which has had no gas since mid April of this year. The hospital's existence had been questioned by a 2008 plan launched by Buenos Aires' mayor, Mauricio Macri.

Argentina: 25 Years Since the Death of Jorge Luis Borges

  14 June 2011

June 14, 2011 marks 25 years since the death of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. Blogger Juan Carlos Lynch pays homage [es] to the author recommending “The Gospel According to Mark“, a short story that helped Juan Carlos get rid of that common ‘fear’ associated with reading Borges.

Argentina: Food Writers, Part II

  9 June 2011

Buenos Aires Foodies has revisited their list of Argentine food writers, adding links to more blogs –some written in Spanish, others in English– on the subject.

Argentina Approves Anti-Tobacco Law

  2 June 2011

Legislators approved a law that bans smoking in “indoor work spaces, schools, hospitals, museums, clubs and public transportation systems,” The Argentine Post reports: “It also places strict limits on the sale, advertising and promotion of cigarettes in these and other places while forcing tobacco companies to put warning labels on...