· September, 2006

Stories about Argentina from September, 2006

Argentina: Free Culture

  28 September 2006

Ariel Vercelli writes in to announce: “We are very happy to announce that we are starting the project ‘Free Culture in Argentina‘ in two weeks. The initiative is part of the efforts of the NGO Bienes Comunes and people from the communities of Creative Commons in Argentina and the Free...

Argentina, Cuba: Ee Bonafini and Castro

  28 September 2006

Luis M. Garcia remembers his journalistic journey to Argentina after the election of Raul Alfonsin, where he did a story on the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Years later he is disappointed to find that the group's leader, Hebe de Bonafini described Fidel Castro as “a great and visionary...

Argentina: Buenos Aires 3D for Google Earth

  25 September 2006

Ezequiel Galotti is building Buenos Aires … so to speak. Block by block, building by building, he is constructing the capital in 3D to be viewed with Google Earth. The results are really amazing. You can also view an interview with Galotti from CNN.

Argentina: Night of the Pencils, 1976 – 2006

  22 September 2006

Jeff Barry introduces the 30th anniversary of Argentina's Night of the Pencils, “another sad but notable event from the most recent dictatorship in Argentina.” This year's remembrance was remarked by a controversy over Wikipedia's entry on the historical event. Eduaro Arcos has more detail on that controversy [ES] (make sure...

Translating Claroline into Quechua, Aymara, and Guaraní

  19 September 2006

Editor's Note: It has already been mentioned several times on Global Voices that the world's first Quechua, Guaraní, or Aymara native speaker to blog has yet to arrive. There are several obvious reasons including lack of broadband penetration into the Andes, high cost of internet access, and the absence of...

Argentina: Film: Opaco

  15 September 2006

Now here's a clever idea. Roberto Dam describes the newest short film by Argentine photographer Martin Crespo, which was filmed, not with a video camera, but rather a Nikon D50 digital SLR. More than 15,000 rapidly shot photographs were taken to make what appears to be a “motion picture” titled...

Argentina: Crime and Trash in Buenos Aires

  12 September 2006

Expat Argentina describes his first protest in Argentina when he saw Juan Carlos Blumberg – whose son was killed by kidnappers – speak about crime and security in Argentina. On a related note, Cintra has an unfortunate update on the “Palermo crime wave.” Meanwhile the city government blog Pasa en...

Global Food Blog Report #31

  9 September 2006

#1:   Crispy Waffle takes a culinary adventure! Check out her Travel: Tunisia post and you will get a very tasty review on all things edible during the trip. Tunisia, located in North Africa between Algeria and Libya, has an unusual culture stemming from its indigenous Berber roots, Arabic legacy and...

Argentina: Stencils and Building Restorations

7 September 2006

Ian Mount has a couple snapshots of “Gay-Positive Stencils in San Telmo” while Robert Wright takes a chronological look at the restoration of Argentina's Supreme Court and Casa Rosada.

Argentina: With or Without a Helmet?

6 September 2006

The city government-run blog, Pasa en Buenos Aires describes a debate in legislature over whether cyclists should be obligated to wear helmets when they ride in the city (ES). Commenters debate the issue.

BlogDay 2006 in Latin America

  5 September 2006

On August 31 bloggers around the world tried to make the planet a tad smaller, a wee bit more familiar, by introducing five new blogs to their readers. Here is a look at how some Latin American bloggers chose to celebrate the day. Let's start in Mexico where Ricardo Carréon,...

Argentina: Education Blogs

  4 September 2006

Two new education weblogs based in Buenos Aires: Red de Escuelas Medias (ES) (“Network of Middle Schools”) is part of the new government-run Blogs de la Ciudad while Educación (ES) by Aurora Kochi and Jorge Apel was just started by Clarín.

The state of the argentinean blogosphere: Entre Rios

1 September 2006

Fourth delivery of entries dedicated to argentinean provinces blogosphere. This time it's turn of Entre Rios, a neighbor of Buenos Aires province. One of the topics we board the most in these reports is knowing if there is a perception of “community” among bloggers that are located within a determined...

Argentina: Creative Commons

  1 September 2006

Ariel Vercelli (ES) says that El Clarín (ES) has translated an article about iSummit in Rio de Janeiro, which was originally published by the New York Times.