· February, 2008

Stories about Argentina from February, 2008

Argentina: Concern Over Cartoneros

  29 February 2008

The Buenos Aires government is worried about the activity of the ‘cartoneros,’ who are members of the informal economy and rummage through garbage to salvage cardboard that can be sold for recycling. Gabriela Arca of Grito Argentino [es] writes about some of the government's reasons for concern.

Argentina: Direct Taxes and Digital Rights

  29 February 2008

A new proposal in Argentina sought to add a direct tax to any electronic equipment capable of reproducing digital media, which would seek to offset some of the revenues lost by artists due to piracy. Bloggers in that country mobilized to say that this move would encourage piracy because compensation would have already been paid. It would have also raised the prices of these goods in a country where the prices are already expensive.

Argentina: Bariloche Offline

  25 February 2008

The city of Bariloche, Argentina was disconnected from the internet for two days. That is what happens, “when the only monopolistic internet provider is down. There is no contigency plan,” writes Fabio.com.ar [es]

Argentina: Graffiti on Trains

  8 February 2008

TBA Me Mata [es] posts a video of some graffiti artists tagging a Buenos Aires train in broad daylight and writes that there is “zero security.”

Argentina: Former Torture Center to Become Cultural Center

  1 February 2008

The Armed Forces Mechanics School or ESMA for its initials in Spanish was a clandestine detention and torture center in Argentina during the dictatorship. It is now being turned into a cultural center and a “Museum of Memories,” writes Maria Sol Tischik in Grito Argentino [es].