· November, 2007

Stories about Argentina from November, 2007

Argentina: Foreign Taxi Drivers

  28 November 2007

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Juan Pablo Meneses of Cronicas Argentinas [es] writes about the lack of taxi drivers from other countries.

Argentina: Restaurant Recommendations from Taxi Drivers

  27 November 2007

Who better to know where the best places to eat than a cabdriver? Go Where the Taxista Takes You is a blog by freelance writer Layne Mosler and “each week, I hop in a taxi, ask the driver to take me to his favorite place to eat, and chronicle my...

Uruguay: The Smells from the Paper Mill

  19 November 2007

In regards to the paper mill controversy between Uruguay and Argentina, ¡Montevideo me mata! [es] writes about the latest topic of journalistic coverage in the paper mill controversy: the smells emanating from the factory.

Argentina: Documenting Recoleta Cemetery

  14 November 2007

Robert Wright and Marcelo Metayar recently launched a blog called AfterLife, which documents and tell the stories behind the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is geared towards English-speaking visitors.

Argentina: Taxi Drivers Refuse to Enter Some Neighborhoods

  14 November 2007

Some neighborhoods in Buenos Aires are off-limits because some taxi drivers refuse to enter due to security reasons. Juan Pablo Meneses of Cronicas Argentinas [es] writes about the views of these taxi drivers and one who says, “There are many neighborhoods that I would only enter driving a tank.”

Argentina: The Art of the Asado

  13 November 2007

Daniel K. guestwrites at Expat Argentina and provides the do's and don'ts at an Argentine “asado,” which is roughly translated to barbeque.

Argentina: Reactions from WordCamp

  12 November 2007

An event for users of WordPress called WordCamp Argentina was recently held in Buenos Aires. Mariano Amartino of Denken Über [es] collects a list of links of those in attendance.

Russia: Bloggers’ Perspectives on Xenophobia

  3 November 2007

Wherever you click in the Russian blogosphere these days, you always seem to end up reading posts on nationalism, ethnicity, xenophobia, ethnic violence and other related subjects. In October, apart from discussing the famous DNA scientist's race comments and the U.S. president's DNA comments, Russian bloggers dealt with at least two xenophobic attacks - one that took place in Spain, and the other one domestic.