· April, 2012

Stories about Argentina from April, 2012

Argentina: The ‘Mothers of Plaza de Mayo’ Turn 35

  30 April 2012

Lillie Langtry from the blog Memory in Latin America writes about the 35th anniversary of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina: “On Thursday, 30 April 1977, a small group of women met in the Plaza de Mayo with the aim of handing over a letter to then-president Jorge...

Argentina: Bloggers React to Announcement of Nationalization of Oil Company YPF

  18 April 2012

The announcement of the nationalization of the oil company YPF, controlled by Spain's Repsol, and the transfer of 51% of its shares to the Argentinean government, sparked many reaction on the Argentinean blogosphere. Jorge Gobbi shares some of these opinions, which in general, are divided between those in favor and those opposed to the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Argentina: “I Don't Believe in Schools but I do Believe in Education”

  13 April 2012

Educacion Viva (Live Education) has released the first of their videos challenging traditional education systems, titled I Don't Believe in Schools but I do Believe in Education. In the subtitled video, more than 20 men and women read aloud a poem on the educational system and how it is different from what they believe education is.

Internet Campaigns Invite Tourists to Visit Latin America

  13 April 2012

There are many web pages and blogs used to promote tourism in Latin America. We provide links to some of these pages here, and share a conversation with Global Voices author Jorge Gobbi, who is a specialist blogger on the subject of tourism.

Argentina: Documentary on Urban Natives Looking for Subtitles

  11 April 2012

The previously featured Creative Commons documentary Runa Kuti on the identity of urban dwelling indigenous descendants in the city of Buenos Aires is looking for volunteers to help them subtitle the documentary into indigenous languages found in Argentina such Quechua, Aymara, Mapuche and Guaraní as well as into English.

Argentina: The Price of the Popular Yerba Mate Goes Up

  6 April 2012

Mate is a deep-rooted tradition in Argentina that begins in adolescence and continues on through adulthood. A price increase in the yerba mate (the leaf used to make the beverage) has directly affected Argentinians' wallets, provoking numerous reactions on social networks.