· July, 2005

Stories about Argentina from July, 2005

Latin America Responds to TeleSur's Launch

  28 July 2005

This past Sunday a small group of 25 journalists in Caracas, Venezuela began pilot-broadcasting a new Pan-American satellite news network called TeleSur which, by September, hopes to be reaching audiences all throughout the Americas with at least nine regional bureaus including Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Washington D.C, La Paz and...

Argentina: Stencil Graffiti

28 July 2005

Line of Sight has an excellent collection of stencil graffiti from around Buenos Aires. Most images have captions explaining the significance.

Argentina: Medical Tourism and Who Benefits

26 July 2005

Expat Argentina has a post in English on “medical tourism” in Argentina while Jorge Gobbi of Blog de Viajes says in Spanish that more studies need to be done to discover just who does benefit from increased tourism.

Argentina: Text Messaging

26 July 2005

The metablog, weblog.com.ar, reports that 80% of cell phone users in Argentina use text messaging [es]. It often seems like the U.S. is about the only country that doesn't.

Argentina: First Impressions, Buenos Aires

26 July 2005

Marisa, from Leander, Texas, writes a spanish and english version of her arrival to Buenos Aires and then this post of her first impressions of the city when she stumbled upon what “felt like … the middle of a COPS episode.

Argentina: Foreign Debt Museum

25 July 2005

Diego of Altered Argentina continues his Debt For Education Swaps series with a review of the Foreign Debt Museum at the University of Buenos Aires’ School of Economics. He's pretty sure this is the world's first museum devoted to debt.

Argentina: Caminito de La Boca

20 July 2005

This Delia Thing has some excellent photographs of La Boca district in Buenos Argentinas and concludes, “even though I know this was a tourist trap this was one of the best days I have had in Argentina.”

The State of Free Culture in Latin America

  20 July 2005

This past weekend at the Contemporary Cultural Center in Barcelona, Spain, an international and multi-lingual group of bloggers, artists, musicians, and lawyers met to discuss the Free Culture movement which aims to reform intellectual property law into a workable paradigm for the digital era. More than just another intellectual property...

Argentina: Argenautas.com Flickr Group

18 July 2005

The group blog Argenautas now has a Flickr group to create a greater sense of community among Argentinians living outside their native country.

Voices from the Wiki

  15 July 2005

Part of the human and technical magic that allows Global Voices to function is a lively wiki, where users around the world are able to tell us about blogs and websites we should be paying attention to, and where we're able to jointly edit documents like the Guide to Anonymous...

Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance » Translating Cortázar

14 July 2005

Jeff Barry points out that one of Argentina's most well known novelists, Julio Cortázar, is rarely known in the English literary world where “literature in translation [is] being constantly curtailed to make room for the Da Vinci Codes and Harry Potters.”

Americas Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

Taran Rampersad discusses Wikipedia in the Caribbean and specifically, Guyana. He's also got some good updates on Hurricane Dennis. Agua Fuertes 2004 starts a long discussion when questioning whether Google Earth respects Argentina's privacy [es]. Nada importante sucedió hoy… writes about the potential future of biotech in Argentina [es]. MABB...