· February, 2007

Stories about Argentina from February, 2007

Argentina: Assimilation

  19 February 2007

After taking a look at Eduardo Galeano's writings about housing for the poor in Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century, Jeff Barry ponders if today's Bolivian and Peruvian immigrants will be able to eventually assimilate as successfully as the Italian, Russian, and Spanish immigrants a century before.

Argentina: Buenos Aires Blog Roundup

6 February 2007

Among the many posts summarized in Alan Patrick's latest dispatch, we find Ken’s description of the dog walkers in Buenos Aires, yet another post about the prevalence of mullets in Buenos Aires, and Robert Wright's photographs of the capital's “Parisian-esque domes.”

Argentina: “Recuperated Workplaces”

  5 February 2007

From Global Labor Strategies: “What happens when a group of workers take over their workplace and try to run it without private owners, professional managers, or the government? 10,000 workers in 200 workplaces in Argentina are trying to find out.”

Argentina: Buenos Aires Blog Roundup

2 February 2007

Alan Patrick of the newly named Buenos Aires Argentina Guide has already put together his eighth Buenos Aires blog roundup, including mention of a recent Clarín article about the boom of blogs in the metropolis.

Argentina: Mostruo! Allows Album to be Downloaded

  1 February 2007

If you're patient and a fan of Latin American indie rock, then I highly recommend downloading the new album from Mostruo!, titled “Grosso.” Available for download here and if the good samaritan likes what she hears, purchases can be made here.