· November, 2005

Stories about Argentina from November, 2005

Argentina: Yanquis

28 November 2005

Diego of Altered Argentina says he is much more impressed with the ex-pat community he has met in Argentina compared to his experience in Costa Rica and describes his ex-pat friends both online and off.

Argentina: Rosal

25 November 2005

Zona Indie highlights the Argentinean acoustic group, Rosal and links to several free downloads.

Argentina: World's Best Weblog

22 November 2005

The Argentinean weblog A Little Respect, I'm Your Mother was selected as best weblog of 2005 in the Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards. A book version of the fictional account has already been published in Spain and will soon be available in Latin America. The weblog's author, journalist Hernan Casciari...

Argentina: Blog Map

21 November 2005

Mirko has created a map of Argentinean bloggers using Frappr.

Argentina: New album by Richter

16 November 2005

Zona Indie showcases the new album by argentinian electro-rock band Ritcher. Five songs are freely available for download.

Argentina: Cromañon Update

16 November 2005

Inspired by a street mural, Jeff Barry describes the political fallout which has ensued the tragic fire at Club Cromañon, responsible for the death of 194 concert-goers. Robert Wright and Ian have more thoughts.

Argentina: Jacarandá, '94 Suicide Bombing, Stenciles

12 November 2005

Robert Wrighton says Buenos Aires will soon be covered in purple. Ian posts about the government's recent identification of a suicide bomber responsible for 85 deaths in a 1994 anti-Semitic attack. Flickr user, Pele, has a collection of street stenciles from throughout Buenos Aires.

Argentina: Recycling as a Social Program

8 November 2005

Ian of GoodAirs writes about Buenos Aires’ mostly foreign-born population of cartoneros who pick through trash on a daily basis for recyclable goods.

Argentina: Neverending Anti-Bush Posts

4 November 2005

Robert Wrighton and Jeff Barry have samples of anti-Bush posters and graffiti. Barry also reflects on a Maradona-led protest against Bush and its embrace of Castro. Doug, who lived in Mar del Plata where the summit is being held, doesn't know whether he should laugh or cry [ES]. Fernando Cassia...

Argentina: Anti-Bush Propoganda

2 November 2005

Ana Toniolli has a collection of more anti-Bush propaganda as well as some thoughts of her own about his visit to Argentina.