· January, 2009

Stories about Argentina from January, 2009

Argentina: The Timing of Kirchner's Visit to Cuba

  23 January 2009

Louis Cyphre of El Opinador Compulsivo [es] wonders why Argentine president visited Cuba when she did “to speak with one of the longest lasting dictators in history just as the first black president was being inaugurated in the US?”

Americas: Celebrating the Visit of the Three Kings

  6 January 2009

The holiday season continues across the Americas, even as Christmas and the New Year holiday have all passed. In many countries in the region, the feast of “Los Reyes Magos” (The Three Kings) is an equally important festivity in many households. The day falls around the time of Epiphany and is celebrated on January 6th. Some of the region's bloggers recall the traditions in their own countries.

Argentina: A Generous Country?

  6 January 2009

“Is Argentina a generous country?” asks Juan Pablo Meneses of Cronicas Argentinas [es]. It is a phrase often heard about the country, and he looks at the history and use of the phrase over the years.