· September, 2007

Stories about Argentina from September, 2007

Argentina: Public Transportation News

  26 September 2007

Viaje Como el Orto [ES] is a blog devoted to news about public transportation in Buenos Aires. In addition, the site receives personal testimonies from individuals that have experiences difficulties with the system.

Argentina: Rodriguez Saá Campaign Ad

  26 September 2007

De Todo Un Poco [ES] is appalled by a recent campaign advertisement by Presidential candidate Alberto Rodriguez Saá and that “if it didn't air on television, I would have thought it was a joke.” He also posts a video of the ad in question.

Argentina: Taxi Cab Owners vs. Peones

24 September 2007

Cronicas Argentinas [ES] continues the blog series on taxis in Buenos Aires by asking readers whether they prefer taking a cab from an owner or from “peones,” which is someone that rents the cab from the owner to make a living.

Argentina: Educ.ar Website is Back

  17 September 2007

The Argentine educational web portal Educ.ar [ES] is back up and running. Martin Varsavsky, whose foundation provided the funds to create the site, writes on his blog that he is pleased that the site had been relaunched [ES].

Argentina: Election Wiki

  17 September 2007

Elección Argentina [ES] is a wiki that aims to, “collect news and biographies of the candidates of the different elections in the country, attempting to avoid the lack of objectivity from the followers and detractors of each one.”

Argentina: A Country of Taxi Drivers

12 September 2007

Taxis in Argentina are relatively inexpensive and safe, but some drivers have their own claim to fame. Crónicas Argentinas [ES] begins a new series about these drivers and asks, “are taxi drivers born that way or are they made?”

Argentina: New Airline Coming Soon

  11 September 2007

Expat Argentina [ES] presents some interesting news for travelers. A new domestic airline called AirPampas will soon be flying Argentine skies and may provide some competition for Aerolineas Argentinas.

Argentina: 260,000 Bloggers and Counting

  7 September 2007

According to a recent article in the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarin, there are approximately 260,000 bloggers in Argentina. Blog Pasa en Buenos Aires [ES] takes a closer look at the data, which among other says that nearly 45% of the bloggers are under 20.

Argentina: Zoo At Night

2 September 2007

Buenos Aires Weekly is curious about the new program at the Buenos Aires zoo that will allow 20 visitors to tour to see the nocturnal animals at their more active times.