· January, 2007

Stories about Argentina from January, 2007

Argentina, Spain, USA: Technorati to Launch WTF?

  31 January 2007

Argentinian native and Spanish citizen Martin Varsavsky writes on his Spanish blog [ES]: “[Technorati founder, David Sifry] showed me what he is really going to do and how he is going to launch it. And I suggested a modification that he liked a lot, but that it will take a...

Argentina: On the Bus in Buenos Aires

30 January 2007

“This post inaugurates a new category – On the bus – an occasional series of anecdotes from travels on the city buses.” Buenos Aires-based Jeffy Barry starts the new series with tales from bus #17.

Argentina: Sex Meme

  22 January 2007

Mirko of Weblog de un chico GAY is tired of the ubiquitous “5 things meme” and so rebels by taking part in the more intimate sexual meme [ES]. We learn that he prefers the lights off, wears boxers, and his musical selection? “Bossa, Chill Out.” Could this be the start...

Argentina: Still searching for Julio Lopez

  22 January 2007

“Thursday marked four months from the disappearance of Jorge Julio Lopez, an elderly witness who has been missing since testifying in the trial against a police official from the last dictatorship. Displayed sporadically throughout the city are posters and graffiti serving as reminders that he is still missing. Despite these...

Argentina: Comet McNaught

  22 January 2007

Both Robert Wright and Jeff Barry were able to photograph Comet McNaught as it passed over Buenos Aires’ Sunday night sky and provide some valuable links for more info on the comet.

Brazilian Blogs on Chávez, Lula and the Mercosur Summit

  19 January 2007

Presidents from most South American countries are gathered in Rio de Janeiro for a meeting of the Mercosur trading group, and Hugo Chavez is again the attention drawer. Local bloggers have been substantially posting about the Venezuelan president since he announced the move to cancel the broadcasting license to (TV...

Argentina: Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens

19 January 2007

Both Alan Patrick of Buenos Aires Travel Guide and Buenos Aires Weekly give tours of the Japanese Gardens in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Argentina: Chacarita Cemetery

  15 January 2007

Robert Wright saunters to the 70-block Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires – “the capital of cool” – and finds an architectural surprise.

Blogs and Mafalda: The Story of a Commemorative Plaque

  15 January 2007

On october 30th of 2005, Dario Gallo, chief editor of Noticias magazine, published an entry [ES] with a picture of the entrance door to Quino building near Mafalda‘s home, at Chile 371, in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Gallo wrote: The funny thing is that neither the City's Government nor its...

Argentina: Buenos Aires Blog Roundup

10 January 2007

Alan Patrick is back with his fifth installment of the Buenos Aires Blog Roundup including a nod to a Baires blogger-cum-body-waxer who graciously clarifies, “I dont even mind if you ask me to do shapes like hearts and stars in it.” If you'd like to get to know more about...

Argentina: Gancia Ads

5 January 2007

Robert Wright takes a look at some of the clever ad campaigns of Gancia, “a local brand of vermouth that gets mixed with everything fruity.”

Argentina: Cromagnon, 2 years

2 January 2007

Jeff Barry attended the remembrance this past weekend held at Plaza de Mayo for the 194 people killed in the República Cromagnon nightclub fire two years ago. Speaking of the plaza, VivirLatino notes the loss of Nelva Mendez de Falcone, one of the founding members of the protesting “Madres of...

Argentina: 30 Creative Commons-Licensed Albums

  1 January 2007

Creative Commons evangelist Ariel Vercelli reminds his readers that Fernando Casale has been collecting albums of Argentine musicians released under a Creative Commons license. Casale has already mentioned over 30 albums, nearly all of which can be downloaded for free.