· May, 2006

Stories about Argentina from May, 2006

Argentina: Music: Travesti

  31 May 2006

Fernando Casale introduces readers to Travesti: “It means ‘transvestite’ and it’s the name of an Argentinian duo that came out from within the suburbs of Buenos Aires (by the way, neither of them are actual transvestites).” Several of the songs are available in mp3 format.

Argentina, Chile: El Chaltén

  26 May 2006

“Just when you thought nationalism had nothing good to offer the world, along comes a wonder like El Chaltén. A town with no conceivable economic or geographic purpose other than sticking it to the nearby Chileans, El Chaltén (Spanish for The Chaltén) is an accidental hikers’ paradise in what used...

Argentina: The 25th of May

  26 May 2006

Yesterday was Día de la Patria in Argentina, which From Bmore to BA explains commemorates the end of Spanish rule. Jeff Barry describes the rally held in the Plaza de Mayo as “clearly a pro-Kirchner political rally paid for by the government” and even remarks that “according to the news,...

Chile, Argentina, and Latin America's Two Lefts

  25 May 2006

After years in the shadows – and only referenced for its Cold War legacy – Latin America is back in the limelight. The world over, economic liberalization has been the call of the day. But recent elections throughout Latin America have inspired commentators to call the region a notable ideological...

Argentina: Music and Misinformation

  25 May 2006

This week, Argentinean newspapers informed readers that some Internet users had reached an agreement with CAPIF, the company that represents record companies in Argentina, to pay an amount of money as a compensation for the songs they had illegally downloaded from the Internet. The news coverage shows clear differences between...

Argentina: More on Borges

  24 May 2006

The 20th anniversary of the death of Jorge Luis Borges continues to leave its mark in Argentina-based weblogs. Roberto Bobrow cites an allusion made to Borges by Italian intellectual Umberto Eco. Jeff Barry, meanwhile, is already on day five of an ambitious series called “30 Days with Borges.” It seems...

Argentina: “The Take”

  23 May 2006

Jon of Posthegemony reviews Avi Lewis's and Naomi Klein's film “The Take” about the Argentine movement to take over and recuperate abandoned factories and argues that “Lewis and KIein are blithely unconcerned by the fact that the justification for the factory takeovers is presented very much in line with neoliberal...

Latin America: World Cup Weblogs

  23 May 2006

José Luis Orihuel has posted a compilation of all the Spanish-language weblogs devoted exclusively to this year's World Cup. “El Expatriado” says that Argentina is getting ready and Franco Giménez notes that the Argentinean company Neyra Hermanos has launched a World Cup blog.

Argentina: Ale Lago's First EP

  22 May 2006

Fernando Casale has posted the first album of Ale Lago, “published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.5 AR license, so you’re free to copy, share and remix, as soon as you don’t do it for commerial purposes.”

The state of the argentinean blogosphere: Rosario, Santa Fe

22 May 2006

Spanish Version of this article here. Rosario is one of the biggest cities in Argentina, with Cordoba and Buenos Aires. For this reason, it's surprising to find that the city doesn't have a directory of blogs, although there are some of them operating as concentrators of initiatives related to this...

Argentina: Free Wi-Fi for Buenos Aires

  19 May 2006

Chilean blogger Leo Prieto inspires applause in the comments for Buenos Aires Mayor Jorge Telerman's announcement [ES] that the city will provide its citizens with free wi-fi access. One commenter responds, “we Chileans are always copycats with bad ideas, why not copy these good ones?”

Argentina: El Buenos Aires de Borges

  19 May 2006

Professor Julián Gallo was happy to see Borges and Buenos Aires mentioned in the New York Times, but he says [ES] Larry Rohter was mistaken when he wrote that an audio guide of Borges’ city is only available in Spanish. “The audio guide is also available in English and Portuguese,...

Argentina: Galbraith and Weinberg

  17 May 2006

Roberto Bobrow, accompanied by one of his ever-talented caricatures, describes the relationship between American economist John K. Galbraith and Argentine historian Gregorio Weinberg, both of whom passed away around the same time.

Argentina, Uruguay: More on the Paper Mill Conflict

  16 May 2006

From Bmore to BA has an informed, albeit not necessarily work-safe post on the paper mill conflict between Argentina and Uruguay and the publicity stunt it inspired. Blogsfera has a video [ES] of the stunt which seems to reveal Tony Blair's appreciation of either the bikini-clad model or what she...

Argentina: Protesting in a Bikini

  16 May 2006

Costa Rican blogger Julia Ardón applauds the risque protests [ES] of an Argentinean model who gained access to an international summit of politicians, then stripped down to a bikini and strutted across stage while holding a sign that read “Enough of the Contaminating Paper Factories. Greenpeace.” According to Ardón, Venezuelan...

Vegetarian or Carnivorian, it is up to you!

  14 May 2006

#1: Apuntes de Cocina desde Venezuela on Salmon Gravalax!Learn to prepare it the easy way and enjoy it for the rest of your life! Head over to her blog to get the step by step recipes and great photos. #2: Directo al Paladar from Spain, visits the famous Restaurante Escuela...

Argentina: The Tango Singer

  10 May 2006

Jeff Barry, who is writing his own novel set in Buenos Aires, mentions the newest work by famed Argentine novelist Tomás Eloy Martínez. “The Tango Singer is about an American graduate student who travels to Buenos Aires to research Borges’ writings on tango.”

Mexico, Argentina: Encouraging Free Culture

  9 May 2006

The winners of the “Mexicommons Creativity Contest” have been announced (ES). You can download the winning songs, podcasts, photographs, and designs from the post. The site Bienes Comunes (Common Good) has a list of works (ES) from Argentina that will be included on a DVD to be presented at the...