· July, 2008

Stories about Argentina from July, 2008

Argentina: Senate Rejects Tax Hike on Agricultural Exports

  18 July 2008

The Argentinean Senate recently rejected the proposal to increase taxes on agricultural exports. The poll ended with a tie of 36 votes, and the country's Vicepresident broke the tie with his vote against the retentions. Such decision is a victory for the sectors linked to the so-called “countryside." This continues the internal political crisis of unpredictable consequences for the Kirchner's Government, which still has three more years to govern.

Argentina: Students chain themselves demanding a better school

  8 July 2008

In the province of Rio Negro near the city of General Roca in Argentina, the students of the CEM 106 are asking the government to follow through with their promises of solving the problems their school has. Videos of the open sewage drains in front of the school, of the 3 classrooms for more than 240 students and the septic tank which overflows in the backyard provide visible proof of their needs. In spite of the governments promises back in June to solve this issues, nothing has changed, and this has caused the students to chain themselves outside the regional office for Rural Education.

Americas: Region Celebrates Rescue of Betancourt and Other Hostages

  4 July 2008

The entire Latin American region celebrated with the people of Colombia upon hearing the news that ex-Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and 14 other hostages were rescued. In the operation named “Jaque,” Betancourt, 3 U.S. citizens and 11 members of the Colombian forces were freed after the rescue attempt. Bloggers from many countries throughout Latin America shared the excitement and wrote their own personal reflections.