· December, 2006

Stories about Argentina from December, 2006

Some lessons about blog attacks in the spanish-language blogosphere

  28 December 2006

Spanish version here: Algunas enseñanzas sobre los ataques a blogs In the last weeks there have been a series of quite similar attacks to popular blogs in Spanish. The series began at the immensely popular Chilean tech blog FayerWayer [ES], which not only was hacked, but also got all of...

Argentina: Private Clubs No Longer So Private

  28 December 2006

Ian Mount, who recently published an article in the New York Times about the rise of private clubs in Buenos Aires describes what he calls the “sausage factory” of how the article came about. Unsurprisingly, blogs played a big role.

Argentina: Rare Rock MP3 Blog

  28 December 2006

Fernando Casale introduces the newish MP3 blog Incunables Posludios “whose objective is to rescue rare treasures of Argentine rock with the premise that they should be unattainable in record stores.”

Argentina: Last.FM en español

28 December 2006

Argentine blogger Mariano Amartino celebrates the Spanish-language launch of last.FM, a music-focused social networking site.

Argentina: Music: Holy – Cascarano

  22 December 2006

With English lyrics and “melodies that combine pop, rock, folk, and dub” the latest Holy production, Cascarana, has been released under a 2.0 Creative Commons License. Fernando Casale has all the tracks available for download.

Argentina, Uruguay: Relocating the Pulp Mill

  14 December 2006

It's been a long fight, but it seems that the pulp mill battle between Uruguay and Argentina might be resolved. From Uruguay writes “today Argentinean minister, Fernandez, along with and the new president of ENCE, Arregui, announced the relocation of the pulp mill to be built in Uruguay by the...

Argentina: Music: Los Alamos

  6 December 2006

Fernando Casale publishes the new video of the Argentine band Los Alamos [ES]. They'll be playing a free show this Thursday at Radio Set in Buenos Aires.

Argentina: Maria Kodama

  5 December 2006

Jeff Barry introduces Maria Kodama: “Maria Kodama, the widow of Borges María Kodama is a well-known figure among porteños but those not familiar with the life of Jorge Luis Borges, who died in 1986 at the age of 86, may be surprised to know that his widow is still very...

Argentina: Five Years of Uberbin

5 December 2006

Veteran Argentine blogger Mariano Amartino celebrates five years of Uberbin [ES], waxing nostalgic in geek speak: “with respect to content management systems (while today we fight against comment spam, content thieves, and gurus who sell “respectable” air), Movable Type launched its first version one week before I began blogging; but...

Argentina: Recoleta Cemetery

1 December 2006

Robert Wright eloquently describes and photographs the supernatural quality of Buenos Aires’ Recoleta Cemetery.

Argentina: Cinema: Fabián Bielinsky 1959-2006

  1 December 2006

Argentine illustrator Roberto Bobrow explains his prolonged absence from the blogosphere: “Fabián is (I refuse to use the past tense) my younger cousin, the son of the younger sister of my mother. He is also considered the best Argentinean moviemaker in many years. With just two movies (written and directed)...

The State of the Argentinean Blogosphere: Metroblogs

1 December 2006

Este artículo también está disponible en español. Metroblogs are blogs specifically focused on covering activities that take place within a city. In these times, these kind of blogs have sprung up in many places around the world, spreading initiatives and activities that are not frequently covered in other, more consolidated,...