· May, 2007

Stories about Argentina from May, 2007

Argentina: Kirchner and Twitter

  29 May 2007

Could it be? LamarK! was recently added by President Nestor Kirchner as his friend on twitter or at least someone passing as the Argentine leader. However, he didn't fall for the troll, but it was still pretty funny.

Argentina: Recap of Mayoral Debate

  25 May 2007

Robert of Line of Sight had plenty to say about the recent Mayor of Jefe de Gobierno debate for the June 3 elections. The three candidates participated in a forum on the political program “A Dos Voces,” which led to some chaos during the open floor debate.

Argentina: New Citizen's Media Project, Grito Argentino

  24 May 2007

Pablo Mancini looks forward to the launch of the new site [ES] Grito Argentino on May 25. LamarK! also reveals more details about this new site, described as [ES], “the first citizen's participatory project of its kinds in our country, which originates completely from the web. The idea is sponsored...

Americas: Copa America Blog

  23 May 2007

For fans of the “beautiful game”, a new blog site dedicated to the biennual football tournament, the Copa America, will come as a welcome surprise. The Copa America 07 Blog will feature news and stories about the South American national teams and guests, that will participate in this tournament in...

Argentina: Election Coverage on Mobile Phones

  23 May 2007

Election coverage in Argentina is moving to mobile phones according to the blog Prixma [ES]. The daily La Nación, in addition to publishing a regular website with election news, will now offer election news via text messages. Interested individuals can even follow elections results in these formats.

Argentina: When the Trains Stop Running

  18 May 2007

What happens when a strike halts all movement on Buenos Aires’ subway system? According to Cintra at GoodAirs, all hell breaks loose. The local buses were overflowing more than capacity and city taxis were impossible to hail. Even local trains and plane transport was far from business as usual due...

Argentina: Buying Bus Tickets

  17 May 2007

Ever wanted to travel overland in Argentina? Chances are you would depart from Buenos Aires’ Retiro station. The approximately 200 different bus companies can be a bit overwhelming. Argentina's Travel Guide provides instructions on how to maneuver through the busy station.

Argentina: Free Wi-Fi in Internet City

  16 May 2007

eBlog [ES] compares how simple it is to access free wi-fi in Buenos Aires, than in New York. Many bars and cafes in the Argentine capital, which he gives the name Ciudad Internet (Internet City) are offering the service to attract more customers.

Argentina: The Voting Habits of #10

  16 May 2007

Cronicas Argentinas [ES] is a blog that follows news of the country's most famous footballer, Diego Armando Maradona. The country is in full election mode, with posters, advertisements and campaign signs covering all. Many citizens already have their choices made for their ballot, but Juan Pablo Meneses writes about how...

Argentina: Trashology

  11 May 2007

The newspaper Clarin recently published a study about the garbage tossing habits of residents in Buenos Aires. The blog Pasa en Buenos Aires [ES] asks its readers to take a look at their own trash and determine “what does it say about you?” Many readers provide feedback in the comments...

Americas: The Prospects of ALBA and Banco Sur

  11 May 2007

At Peru Politico [ES], Mariana Costa breaks down whether the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (or ALBA for its initials in Spanish) and the Banco Sur will be good for the integration of the region. She is hopeful for the prospects of the Banco Sur, which will provide an alternative...

Blogs and social participation: the coverage of the Neuquen conflict in Argentina

  1 May 2007

In the last few weeks, a series of protests by teacher unions from the Argentinean Patagonian provinces has been all over the news. In particular, this attention was even bigger after the murder of Carlos Fuentealba, a teacher that participated in a protest on one of the routes by the local police force. The seriousness of the events not only mobilized the traditional media, but also many blogs started to cover the events. An outstanding blog in this coverage is Pensamientos Despeinados [ES]. Ezequiel Apesteguia, one of the collective blog members answered a few questions about this citizen's coverage.