· October, 2006

Stories about Argentina from October, 2006

Argentina: NGO Photo Blog

  27 October 2006

El Agora, an NGO based in Córdoba, Argentina has organized a friendly photo competition that hopes to highlight the best practices of fellow NGO's, Social Movements, and the private and public sector throughout Argentina. The winning group will be awarded a video production demonstrating the organization's good work.

Argentina: Gender Equality Survey

  27 October 2006

The official Buenos Aires city government blog summarizes the results of a recent survey on inequality between men and women in Argentina's capital city [ES]: “8 out of 10 Buenos Aires residents call their society very or somewhat ‘machista.’ Furthermore, 70% think that women must do more to compete with...

Latin America: Authors and Translators

  25 October 2006

Liz Henry just got back from the American Literary Translators Association conference (which she liveblogged) and introduces readers to some of the Latin American & Spanish-speaking authors and translators she met there.

Argentina: Blogs and Marriage Proposals

23 October 2006

Debby Novitz says that just eight hours after her blog was mentioned in the daily Clarín, she received “1700 hits, 4 marriage proposals, and many, many emails.”

Argentina: History of Opera and Football

  20 October 2006

Some history today from Buenos Aires. The upcoming renovation of the downtown opera house, Teatro Colón has inspired Jeff Barry to to begin a series on the history of opera in Buenos Aires. eBlog, meanwhile, points out that today is the 30th anniversary since the debut of Diego Maradona [ES]...

Argentina: Mar del Plata's Beer Route

  20 October 2006

Jorge Gobbi took advantage of his time in Mar del Plata last weekend to do some local beer tasting. Speaking of Mar del Plata, Google Earth 3D wonder, Ezequiel Galotti recently released his latest modeling of the city's streets and buildings.

Argentina: Where is Lopez?

  19 October 2006

Where is Jorge Julio Lopez. That's what all of Argentina wants to know “a month after 77 year-old Jorge Julio Lopez disappeared, a key witness in the recent trial against former police official Miguel Etchecolatz, who was sentenced last month to life imprisonment for his involvement in the last dictatorship...

Argentina: Smoking Prohibited?

  18 October 2006

Smoking bans have inspired coffee house debates throughout the world. Earlier this month Argentina followed the lead of Uruguay, Spain, and Ukraine by banning smoking in public spaces smaller than 100 square meters. Similar proposals are currently underway in Kenya, Nepal, Germany, and France. But are the bans really effective?...

Argentina: Unsafe Highways

16 October 2006

Good Airs is shocked at the number of highway fatalities in Argentina. A recent accident claimed the lives of 12, including 10 school children. The driver and his passenger were both appparently drunk. At 7,000 deaths per year, it is obvious that the highways are out of control.

Argentina: Indie Rocker in Commerical Music Festival

  14 October 2006

Avistando Quimeras [ES], a blog from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is excited about the appearance of indie lo-fi singer-songwriter, Devendra Banhart at the launching of the Personal Fest, a music festival sponsored by Motorola. Juan Martín, the blog's author wrote, “Go with the idea that you'll be bombarded with subliminal advertising...

Mexico, Argentina, France: Fort Boyard

  11 October 2006

Bilingual Mexican blogger Andrés Bianciotto reminds readers of the reality TV show Fort Boyard? (which was apparently very popular in Argentina) and points them to a post about the fort on Google Sightseeing.

Argentina: Music: Nicolás A. Alonso

  10 October 2006

Fernando Casale introduces readers to the “brief but intense album of experimental music composed and interpreted by Nicolás A. Alonso, guitarist and pianist of Turpentine. The album was released under a Creative Commons BY 2.5 AR license so you can remix and republish it without restrictions as long as Alonso...

Argentina: First International Festival of Design

  6 October 2006

The city government weblog, Blog Pasa en Buenos Aires previews the first International Festival of Design [ES] taking place in “El Dorrego” from Oct. 12 to 29. Entrance is free and more information is available on the website of the Metropolitan Center of Design [ES].