· August, 2007

Stories about Argentina from August, 2007

Argentina: Protesting Demolishment of Hotels

  29 August 2007

Line of Sight looks in on a protest in the upscale neighborhood of Recoleta, where residents protested the demolishment of a hotel. The amateur protests did little to get others involved and many were there for the photo-ops.

Americas: Poll Numbers From Across the Region

  27 August 2007

Bloggings by Boz has the latest poll numbers from across the region, which includes uncertainty in Ecuador regarding the Constituent Assembly vote and Colombian support for an Uribe third term.

Argentina: Carpooling Match Site

  17 August 2007

Blog Pasa en Buenos Aires [ES] writes about a new site called Comparte Coche [ES], which is a way for commuters into the city of Buenos Aires to find carpooling matches, which will help to reduce transportation costs and be a little easier on the environment.

Argentina: Theft from Checked Luggage

  10 August 2007

Jorge Gobbi and his Blog de Viajes [ES] writes about the recent discovery that employees, in complicity with the police,at the Ezeiza aiport in Buenos Aires have been stealing valuables from checked luggage.

Argentina: Following the Impacts of Mining

  6 August 2007

The environmental impact of the mining sector is not confined to Argentina. However, Luis Claps is a blogger that closely follows and provides coverage to some of these stories not covered in other media sources. He is also the Spanish editor for a network of websites that follows similar cases all around the world. GV author Jorge Gobbi recently interviewed Claps about the internet coverage of these mining cases.