· August, 2006

Stories about Argentina from August, 2006

Argentina: History of Utility (Companies)

  30 August 2006

Robert Wright has a fascinating reflection on the history of utility companies in Buenos Aires: “Wouldn’t it be great to see 3-D city maps (á la Google Earth) based on each particular utility? Eliminate everything but electric lines & take a look. Or just see gas lines. Or only water...

Argentina: Drag Shows

  30 August 2006

Dan Perlman on drag shows in Buenos Aires: “Unfortunately, Buenos Aires’ gay scene, entertainment-wise, seems trapped in the late ’70s/early ’80s, at least from a New York perspective. Drag shows are the thing, and often, the exact same drag show, week in and week out.” Read on to discover the...

Argentina: Borges’ Bday

  25 August 2006

Yesterday was Jorge Luis Borges’ 107th birthday. With the help of YouTube, Julián Gallo pays homage. Don't forget about Jeff Barry's excellent “30 Days with Borges” series.

Argentina: Music: Sonoman

  24 August 2006

Fernando Casale presents the new Argentine electro-pop band Sonoman with links to the songs “Cómo Engañarme” and “No Darme Cuenta.” (ES)

Argentina: Music: Los Alamos

  17 August 2006

Fernando Casale has a video of Argentine band Los Alamos performing the cover song “Walking with Jesus” by Spacemen 3.

Argentina: Courses in Digital Journalism

  17 August 2006

Wanting to gain some experience as a digital journalist? Spanish speakers might be interested in Clarín reporter Julio Orione's upcoming course in digital journalism, accredited by the Argentine University of Belgrano (UB). The course will be taught online with several guest professors/reporters covering specialized themes. On a related note, Dialógica...

Argentina: Desparate Housewives

  16 August 2006

Ian Mount on the forthcoming Argentine version of ‘Desperate Housewives’: “So, how do you translate the pinched WASP, closet alcoholic played by Marcia Cross? Her Argy alter-ego is “daughter of a military officer and a fervent Catholic.”

Argentina: School Blogging

  15 August 2006

Mariano Amartino introduces (ES) the new blog “Escuela Nº 22 D.E.3 (ES): “The ‘official’ blog of a capital city school … Claudia Samat and Alejandra Dodero, instructors at the school, publish articles with the approval of Mrs. María Alejandra Villalba, director or the school, who also participates.”

Argentina: The Fake Gynecologist

  10 August 2006

Ian Mount on the Bueno Aires expat scandal involving a soon-to-be extradited sex offender who claimed he was a gynecologist in the US and then pretended he was with Doctors Without Borders in Argentina. Tango in her eyes, another expat blogger, is thankful she listened to her gut feelings: “This...

Argentina: Modified Photos in Mainstream Media

  7 August 2006

Writing from Buenos Aires Mariano Amartino spreads the news that bloggers found a modified photo which was published by Reuters. “What is really odd is how a photo with such a serious error was able to pass through all the layers of editing at Reuters,” remarks Amartino.

Food Blog Report #27

  6 August 2006

#1: From Stockholm, Sweden: Clivia's Cuisine and her marvelous Swiss chard dolmadas with rice and mushrooms! A gem of a recipe, and it looks delicious… Last week I visited Rosendals trädgårdar at Djurgården in Stockholm and found a big bunch of Swiss chard for only 15 SEK, so I bought...

Argentina: A Worthy Burger

  4 August 2006

Dan Perlman on “the subject of finding a good hamburger in town.” Also described as “The Great Hamburguesa Roundup.”

Argentina: Cyber-Barrios

3 August 2006

“Every neighborhood has its history, its legends, its news, its people, and also its own website,” says Blog Pasa en Buenos Aires in a post that links to the websites of all the various neighborhoods of the capital city (ES).