· July, 2006

Stories about Argentina from July, 2006

Comic Strips and Blogs: Not Everything is Text

  28 July 2006

Usually, blogs are associated with written text. But for some time now, an interesting transformation is taking place in the blogosphere, and the methods used are more varied. In Argentina, comic strip blogs are becoming more common and many times they're made by people with trajectory in low circulation magazines....

Argentina: Cosmos Theater to Close

  27 July 2006

Jeff Barry points readers to a post on Pasa en Buenos Aires, a new blog run by the city, about the closure of the Cosmos theater (ES). Speaking of cinema, Lovers Go Home gives some short reviews (ES) of recent movies and Robert Wright had just walked out of the...

Argentina: Music: Alternarama – Destierro

  26 July 2006

Following the popular release of The Kyoto Connection, Alternarama now launches Destierro, an ethereal album of ten tracks published under a Creative Commons Non-Derivative 2.5 license. The title track, Destierro, makes for great getting-ready-to-go-to-work music.

Global Food Blog Report #25

  25 July 2006

#1: From Malaysia, Tham Jiak on Tastes of YesterLife: If one's life can be determine by food preferences, I believe that I might be an Indian in my past life. As much as I love Chinese cuisines, I am strangely drawn towards Indian food, my five senses transfix on the...

Argentina: Blog and Book Presentation

  20 July 2006

Leandro Zanoni, journalist, author, and blogger thanks the attendees who came to the presentation (ES) of his newest book, “Vivir en los Medios: Maradona off the record.”

Argentina: My First PC Program and its Detractors

  19 July 2006

The Argentine government has relaunched its federal program MiPC [My First Personal Computer], or as Mariano Amartino refers to it (ES), MiPC Reloaded. The original incarnation of the program, which hoped to narrow the digital divide by distributing affordable computers nationwide, debuted last April where it was met with severe...

Argentina: Music: ElectroKant – Vol. 1

  18 July 2006

Santiago Candegabe has released a new album of electronic music called ElectroKant – Vol. 1, “centered around the image of the german philosopher.” The 13 song album can be downloaded for free and is published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 license.

Argentina: “Buenos Aires for export”

  11 July 2006

Last month alone Buenos Aires greeted 122,000 foreign tourists, says Shopping Urbano in a post that interviews four tourists about their visit and how much they spend on average per day (ES).

Argentina: Subway Then and Now

10 July 2006

Robert Wright begins what will hopefully be a long-lasting series of posts comparing old and new photographs of Buenos Aires. For the first installment: subway signs.

Global Food Blog Report #24

  9 July 2006

#1: From Thailand, B'Tonian in Siam : Thai Food & the Market I’ve heard so many people say they love Thai food, but few can name more than a handful of Thai dishes. In actuality, there are thousands of Thai dishes and most Thais eat hundreds of different dishes yearly....