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31 October 2005

As always, “[ES]” refers to posts in Spanish. All other linked pages are, at least partly, written in English. Diego Sarraseca, an Argentine living in Los Angeles, wrote a trilingual post yesterday entitled, “Today We Celebrate Christmas in Argentina,” referring to the birthday of soccer star Diego Maradona and the...

Argentina: Sunday's Election and Bush's Visit

27 October 2005

Ian of GoodAirs tries to give more meaning to last Sunday's election compared to what he saw as a boring, girl fight story picked up by the international media. Meanwhile, Mirko doesn't understand why Argentines are making so much fuss about Bush's upcoming visit [ES] for the Summit of the...

Argentina: Sunday's Election Results

24 October 2005

Robert Wrighton has an entertaining rundown of Sunday's election results in which the current first lady, Cristina Kirchner easily beat out the former first lady Hilda Duhalde to become senator of Buenos Aires Province. Complete with fancy graphics.

Argentina: Another Anti-Bush Bomb

24 October 2005

GoodAirs covers yet another small explosion, this time at a BankBoston ATM, in protest of George Bush's upcoming visit to the Summit of Americas. GoodAirs also digs up some info on the group's apparent inspiration using Wikipedia.

Argentina: Publicity and the Media

21 October 2005

Jorge Gobbi, with his eyes on the european regional conference of Communication and Tourism pens his thoughts on the nexus of journalism and tourism.

Argentina: Still Corrupt, But Not As Corrupt

18 October 2005

GoodAirs tries but ultimately fails to find anything worth celebrating after Argentina claims 97th in Transparency International's annual honesty/corruption rankings.

Argengina: Expocomm Argentina

17 October 2005

Fernando Cassia was at Expocomm Argentina and finds it ironic that Argentina is implementing WIMAX internet access before the United States.

Argentina: Anti-Bush Bombings

13 October 2005

GoodAirs sums up last Thursday's bombings by the groups Comando Antiimperialista Comandante Che Guevara and Coronel Dorrego at six scattered American symbols a day after Bush's attendance at the Summit of the Americas was confirmed. Expat Argentina has more on the protests which could be awaiting George W. Bush.

Bolivia, Argentina: Fidel Castro Beats Bush for Presidency

  10 October 2005

Alvaro Ruiz-Navajas links to an interesting survey by Equipos Mori and Capital y GBA, which found that 31% of Argentinians would hypothetically vote for Fidel Castro as president compared to 2% who answered George Bush. In Bolivia, 21% said Castro, 19% Hugo Chavez, and 13% George Bush.

Argentina: Whither the Famed Argentine Ego?

6 October 2005

GoodAirs wonders if the famed “Argentine ego” has taken a hit in the last few years, citing a survey in which only 3.5% of respondents chose “the people” as their country's major attraction.

Argentina: 400 Years of Don Quixote

3 October 2005

Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance posts about the 400th anniversary of the publication of Don Quixote and points readers to 400 Windmills, “a group blog dedicated to discussing Don Quixote.”