· June, 2006

Stories about Argentina from June, 2006

Spain: Music: CC Licensed Compilation

  29 June 2006

Eduardo Arcos and Fernando Casale both comment on the release of a Creative Commons-licensed compilation by the Spanish newspaper El País. The album is freely available for download.

Argentina: “Hostile Takeover”

  28 June 2006

Why did British Brigadier General William Carr Beresford invade Buenos Aires 200 years ago without approval from his superiors? Robert Wright lays out some theories.

The World Cup Online: Discovering Lionel Messi's Blog or Blognovela

  27 June 2006

The anonymous nature of the web is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, everyday citizens living under repressive regimes, can easily learn how to blog anonymously and express themselves without fear of reprisal. On the other hand, it is difficult if not impossible to verify the real identity of...

The State of Creative Commons in Latin America

  26 June 2006

Coauthored by Jose Murilo Junior and David Sasaki Global Voices has become a supporter of Creative Commons licensing not due to ideology, but because our website depends on it. The translations we post, bridging bloggers from different languages and cultures, are modifications of original works, requiring either the author's permission...

Colombia, Argentina: Music: Lulacruza

  26 June 2006

Fernando Casale features the duo Lulacruza. “This Colombian-Argentinean duo is formed by Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette, who met in the city of Boston while they were studying at the Berklee College of Music.”

Argentina: An Unjust Victory

  26 June 2006

Mariano Amartino says that Argentine bloggers think that Mexico outplayed their country's World Cup team (ES) and that the Argentina win was “an injustice.”

Argentina: Translation of Qué Vachaché

  23 June 2006

Robert Wright admits that he's not the world's biggest fan of tango, but a few songs have grabbed his attention and here he offers an English translation of “Qué vachaché” written by Enrique Santos Discépolo and popularized by Tita Merello.

Argentina: José Pekerman

  23 June 2006

Roberto Bobrow informs readers about Argentine football head coach, José Pekerman and his shared bloodline with Hollywood actor, Gregory Peck.

Argentina: A Day Without Internet

  22 June 2006

Mariano Amartino (ES) and “La Propaladora” describe a day without internet in Buenos Aires as Fibertel, the capital's main high bandwidth internet service provider, stopped functioning for eight hours.

Ecuador, Argentina: Comparing World Cup Broadcasts

  19 June 2006

Christian Espinosa compares videos of the Ecuadorean and Argentine broadcasts of Ecuador's 3-0 win over Poland (ES), noting that the “curious comparison would have before been impossible to make without the new possibilities of sharing video over the internet.”

The Discussion Around the “Argentinean Country Brand”

  16 June 2006

A few days ago, Argentinean authorities presented the logo that will identify the “Argentina country brand”. The news created debate in many blogs. The most extensive of them took place at Blog de Viajes, a blog I've keeping for almost three years, in this entry (in spanish). In order to...

Argentina: Music: Matilda

  16 June 2006

Fernando Casale has been listening to the second album by Argentine synth-pop band Matilda and so should you. All nine songs are available for download.

Argentina: But Love, It's the World Cup

  14 June 2006

Javier is a 32-year-old living in Entre Ríos, Argentina. He studied journalism and social communication, but currently works in sales at a multinational company. According to his profile, he loves music, photography, communication, and being online. His weblog, Blogosphere usually has the most affable of tones, however, with the arrival...

Argentina: Blog Conference

  8 June 2006

Leandro Zanoni is finally going to university. Well, at least for a day to take part in the Blog Conference at the University of Palermo on June 29th where he will be joined with Luis Majul, Darío Gallo, Gastón Roitberg, Mariano Amartino, Alejandro Rotizchner, Julio Lagos, Julián Gallo, Laura Ubfal,...

Argentina: Music: Los Alamos

  7 June 2006

Los Alamos is quite the international band: based in Buenos Aires, with a lead singer from the U.S. and an album soon to be produced in Brazil. Fernando Casale has posted two sample tracks.

World Cup Fever

  5 June 2006

As we enter the World Cup week, ripples are turning into waves and everyone is being caught by the peculiar pulse that cannot be denied. Flags are already waving, and those who were until now unaware about the gathering starts to feel a strong urge to join, or else leave the planet.

Argentina: Chauvinistic World Cup Advertising

  5 June 2006

Argentine media professor, Julian Gallo says he is tired of all the chauvinistic and overly patriotic advertisements (ES) amid World Cup hysteria and posts a video of a Quilmes advertisement to prove his point. He also posts two other videos, which he says are demonstrative of quality, non-chauvinistic publicity. Alfredo...